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    And now for the final bit! Do you remember Dayora? If not then read it from Rered's point of view first.

    Just as planned....
    (From the orbs point of view)

    It has been so long, too long. Ever since the champion of Bahumat had trapped me in here I've done nothing but think. My power does not grow but my hate does. I am ever patient, ever ready to strike. Whatever comes my way I shall enslave but they need to be strong enough with a will of Iron able to contain my power. That is when I am set free.

    I sense something, I am being moved. To bad whoever is moving me isn't using their bare hands. Warmth, something soft am I on a pillow? Some sort of pedastool perhaps? The light! GLORIOUS LIGHT! Some one has made contact with me! I have no use for weak hearted fools, let us see if they are brave enough to withstand my greatness!

    "WHO DISTURBS MY SLUMBER!?" A rhetorical question but a question non the less. The dark figure before me doesn't stir, good some one strong but something is terribly wrong. This person is as strong as me perhaps even stronger. Their will is unbreakable I feel threatened, something is terribly wrong.

    A green dragon? THIS IS WHAT STANDS BEFORE ME???
    "Greetings." Calls the green one. "I am Dayora and I come with a proposal."
    I nod then listen, what ever is going on I deem it interesting enough to give my full attention.
    "I have sent a group of foolish adventurers your way, one of which is the perfect vessel for you, when the chance arises take his body and come to me. Together with you age old wisdom and my power we can rule this world together."

    "Dayora?" I wonder smirking at the name. "Very well, in return for giving me a new body I shall help you. Remember I serve no one we are but allies." Her nod means that she had accepted the deal. It would be a glorious piece of freedom, not only would I have my body once more but I would be a ruler!

    Darkness once more over comes me as my future ally leaves, I calculate and make plans for eventual back stabs. After all why share power when you can have it all? Light, murky light some one evil, some one like me but significantly weaker. A warlock? Hmm a suitable vessel I suppose. Time for the test.

    "WHO DISTURBS M-" Before I could even finish darkness over comes me once more. The man didn't even last through the entire sentence before he fled! BAH! USELESS! But soon after light, this light was different. Constantly dancing, hard to see yet so very bright and pure. BAH it was like the light of Kord but everyone who touched the orb should be dealt the test.

    "WHO DISTURBS MY SLUMBER?" I roar, the man in front of me a sort of pirate just smiles. Is he excited?
    "Oh I'm Rered Naw, CAPTAIN of the S.S.Silver" He was not scared? Surprising, but what of his will power? Throwing my mind against his I find that he is indeed strong, that his power transcends even himself. But it is as if he is unaware of the power he wields. Though hard I manage to trap his soul within the orb, his body now mine.

    I now have his memories, the idiot actually considered the warlock to be a good person, a champion of justice!? HA! Coincidentally the warlock was looking right at me now. What would be the best way to torment him? Scanning through Rered's memories I soon found it.

    "Hey guys, I just beat this dragon in a battle of wills so what's going on? All the mind play got me thirsty, I'm gonna go to a bar." Then I teleported to Dayora, there she sat in a human form a female. "So which country are we going to conquer first?" I ask as I arrive.


    Meanwhile in the orb.
    ".......... This is boring..........." Echoed a voice in the dark.

    Post game notes.
    This is just a alternate history of what would have happened if Rered failed his will save. What actually happened? He got the orb, went half insane, summoned an army of chaotic good creatures to protect him. Turned his ship into something equivalent to a warforged Titan and then because he couldn't find Dayora he gave the Orb to another NPC named Lao who was a TN half blue dragon sorcerer who then (Using gloves) picked the orb up and put it away to study (Eventually he destroyed it.)

    Rered by the way is also my avatar. The boat was a folding boat, the forth command word turned it into a giant wooden robot XD William has been enraged ever since. The campaign has ended and Rered never found out that William or half the party was evil. Kord thought it was funny since he annoyed the hell out of the evil people in the group and he liked Rered since he technically kicked ass, liked to drink, had a strong sense of good, liked to fight and was too dumb too be corrupted. (He has a high int but a 7 for his Wisdom XD) Basically he could identify and tell you what snow is made off. Then wander off and lick a iron pole in the snow..

    Basically Rered was the result of me thinking 'Why is Charisma a dump stat? Hmm.. Lets try wisdom.'
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