Replying to myself I know... but I finished my latest snippet

My other character, as I said, in a letter to her Mama.

Letters Home
or I Told You I Was Having Fun

Dear Mama

You said you wanted me to write and tell you any news I had Ė well, Iíve been promoted! My whole team was in fact, we are now members of Regdar, Regd-, Redgon Ė oh Iím not sure how itís spelt and Ron isnít here to ask (obviously not, as Iím in the female barracks and heís male). Iím really very lucky heís around, Iím sure my reports wouldnít make very much sense if the CO had to read them as I write it. Sometimes big words confuse me.

Anyway, after our last two missions, we were told that there was an opening in Red- the Rangers, and we were offered those places! You can tell Papa that he was worrying for nothing, Iím fine. Okay, there was a bit of trouble after our last job, but Iíve been completely healed and Beda said there wouldnít be any scars. Oh! You wonít know who Beda even is; I havenít told you about my new team have I? Beda is a cleric of Perha, sheís very pretty and awfully nice. Last time we were in the barracks she told me she used to go around giving last rites to people who were dying. Thatís how we met actually, sheíd been sent by the Temple to give last rites to one of the important men who was dying. Iím sorry Mama, I know you like to have details, but I simply canít remember what his name was. Beda said there might be a problem with my memory for a while. Maybe you shouldnít tell Papa that. Anyway, Beda is good to have around, she was really nice about patching me up and she seemed grateful that Iíd been there.

Ron was definitely happy that I was there. Heís a gnome, and heís really short (obviously!). He is a wizard, he was talking about his training and all the spells he learnt, and honestly it gave me a bit of a headache. I think heís much much smarter than I am. Still he was really nice about helping me with my report writing, so I donít mind so much. He was also really happy that I was able to get in the way of the fighting. Wizards donít seem to be very tough, some of the other fighters have laughed at him and called him a Ďsquishy wizardí. Iíd have to say that theyíre right, but I wonder if theyíve seen the sort of things Iíve seen Ron do. Heís really very clever. I do wish heíd shut up sometimes though, he talks an awful lot. And heís really annoying whenever he gets anywhere near Kregg. Kregg is a kobold, you know they donít get on well with gnomes. Kregg and Ron are very good at proving that. They constantly nag at each other. I got so sick of it last time we were out that I yelled at them both to shut up. I donít think they really listened to me. No one ever really listens to me, unless Iím telling them to get out of the way of my swing.

The last member of the group Ė well, heís gone AWOL. Osserc is an archer, and heís really good. He can get two arrows in the air at the same time, itís neat to watch. Heís been helpful, softening things up until I can get there to do the real damage. But heís also vanished. I wonder if I should mention that to our CO? I mean, Iím sure he knows about it, but maybe we should be looking for him. What do you think Mama?

Does Rikad want details of all our fights? He probably does. You can tell him the first big thing we fought was a pastry! Well, it wasnít really Ė it was a golem, but it had been created by the wife of a baker, so it was made out of calzone. It was really tough, which surprised me; but it tasted pretty good afterwards. I know what youíre thinking Ė that wasnít very nice, but the baker didnít seem to mind. He was a bit upset, but he seemed to realise that it was his fault that it had gone all wrong in the first place. Well, maybe more his wifeís fault Ė heís just a baker, sheís the wizard. Or would that be wizardess? Sheís the one who animated it, and I guess it was her spells going crazy that sent it crazy. Ron explained it, but well, you know me Mama, most of it went in one ear and out the other. Iím not worried though, they donít pay me to think. I [u]was[/i] impressed though, did you know Mama, she had animay sheíd made a poker that thought. Ron called it something, but Iím not sure how itís meant to be written, so Iím not going to try. It talked at us, and tried to keep us out of the house though. It was surprisingly hard to stop. In the end Osserc did it with his bow. Heís a really good shot.

Our second mission was scarier. Donít tell Papa, but I nearly got knocked out. Itís a good thing Beda was around, because Iím not sure any of the boys have any idea about healing. Iím running out of room on this paper, and I donít have any more, so Iíd better keep it short. But we had to investigate this old guy, whoís really well known in Dandanagan, but was getting really sick and old looking. Which apparently he wasnít supposed to. We went and investigated, and it turned out that his nephew (nephew? I think thatís who he was, either that or his son) had gotten himself involved in some sort of cult nonsense. The silly idiot even stabbed his own sister. She was rather pissed off about that.

Maybe you shouldnít tell Rikad that part. He doesnít need to get any ideas, and Iíd rather not have to fight him off next time I visit home.

We sorted it out though Ė eventually. And I got my first taste of magic! Ron cast a spell he calls enlarge person on me. And well, thatís exactly what it did. I quite like being huge, it was fun. It didnít really help much in the fight though. It threw my balance off, and I wasnít expecting it to be that way, so I ended up almost tripping over my own feet, and I couldnít get my sword swinging properly. Made me very effective at standing in front of people though. The silly idiot apologised in the end, and his uncle (father?) forgave him, so it all turned out okay.

So you see Mama, Iím doing all right. It was after that mission we got promoted, so you could say Iím doing really all right. We even get to keep what we find, if we canít find any owner for it. Iím going to enjoy belonging to this new ranger unit I think. Iím wondering what else I can do to be more helpful. I wonder if a dog would help? I wonder if theyíd let me have one? I think Iíll ask.

Give my love to Papa and Rikad, and have heaps of it all to yourself.

Love Lirrin