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On the page 119 there is a chart explaining benefits upon leveling up, in that chart I see "New Trait" at lv 10 and 20. I have runned a search in the book seaching for traits but unfortunatly nothing really clear came up. There is a mention of a trait helping in dealing with "Improbable Weapons and Unarmed Combat" on page 113 but yet again nothing really clear. Any explannation?
UserShadow's explanation was completely correct; I'll make sure I edit those out of the book asap. I was certain I had removed all trace of the Traits. Argh. Go figure.

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With skills, is the roll 2d6 + attribute rating + skill rank, or is it 2d6 + skill rank, and attribute rating merely serves to show your maximum ranking in the skill?
The latter explanation is correct. Skill checks are simply 2d6 plus the appropriate skill. At times, as in the case of breaking things or two people sprinting towards an object, using attribute ratings is more appropriate, but this is rare.