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The summoning system was changed because summons they're too FF to not have the opportunity to make an appearance in most games, and it's canonical that even non-casters should be able to get access to them.
I think it's great that they're essentially plot-driving, party-controlled weapons, or passive guardians of a single individual, and I was able to kick the power level up to where it should be now that they run on Destiny and not MP.

One of the jobs is called 'Freelancer,' and lets you switch between jobs as you like and pick up abilities from wherever you want. But because most of the basic Freelancer abilities are downright terrible and you never get access to an Epic Ability, picking this job guarantees you'll be starting out weak and won't start to shine until later on. But all the really crazy builds, like the 45 evasion ninja, all require you to start out as a freelancer.
Fair enough x2. I liked the idea of being a Summoner, but I can live with this method.

Also just saw Kefka's reaction to players. I lol'd