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    Age: 22
    Human Female
    Cleric of Dalachrech
    Power Level: E+/D (will increase as her priest powers grow)
    Equipment: Orb of brotherhood, ring of poison immunity, magic bolas, chain mail

    Abilities: Can control invertebrates and use them as spies. Has a giant centipede familiar. Low level healing ability.

    Backstory: A girl called Nell was raised as a slave in a wealthy household in the city. She doesn't remember much of her family besides fuzzy images, but she thinks her mother may have been a slave as well. Nell's owners had a daughter named Lauretta who was Nell's age, and Nell was given some education to make her more of a useful companion to Lauretta. In addition to her role as Lauretta's lady's maid, she also performed household tasks such as sewing and cooking, and as she grew older, was elevated to the status of a household concubine.

    During the Ebonocalypse, the whispers of the Neverborn killed Lauretta and her family, and most of the household servants. Nell survived and ran out into the streets, nearly driven mad, before Terrowin and the other priests of Dalachrech rescued her.

    When she recovered from the trauma, she made the decision to take Lauretta's name and status, and to join the cult of Dalachrech as a priestess. Her devotion to Dalachrech is sincere, and she is extremely loyal to the High Priest Terrowin. She also has developed feelings for him, but her own insecurity about her hidden identity has kept her from revealing them.

    So far, the only 'person' to whom she's revealed the truth about her past is Dalachrech, in prayer. Though it is possible that there are people in the city who still remember her as Nell.

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