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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Eye of the Horizon
    Voice of the Council Antich Heaventreader


    [DIPLO]: Finish Relay in 021 (3/3) (Use Favor to raise Reputation with CmC)

    [DIPLO]: Contribute to Roaming Stars Great Project
    Master of Shadow Tyr Win-Jo takes it upon themself to secretly message the Cosmic Couriers with a proposition to have their newly dubbed Cosmic Celebrity interact with The Source. This blasphemy is soon uncovered by other Masters of Shadow who wish to see Tyr Win-Jo exiled from Hearth. Instead Antich Heaventreader takes the opportunity to cement his position as a mediator and as a positive face for the Couriers by inviting Proxos to stay in Hearth and visit the sacred chambers where Anti-Matter is stored and studied all under the supervision of Master Tyr Win-Jo.

    [DIPLO]: Raise Reputation with CmC

    [DIPLO]: [DIP 5] Establish Embassy in R26
    Positive relations with the Celenian Empire has lead to Antich Heaventreader visiting their homeworld in person and ingratiating himself with the people and the stiff yet cordial upperclass. A strange mystical hermit to them, numerous media programs begin to quickly stir up in relation to the young man representing the Black Hole worshippers from afar, and though his words are well recieved they are at times skewed for the sake of dramatic flair. Wishing to ensure this relation never falters Antich Heaventreader buries a blade deep within the earth of an open garden and anoints it the Soul of Man, a common ground for Watchers and Celenians to intermingle, and a unconventional embassy where a smattering of volunteered tribesmen from throughout Hearth make their near permanent residency.

    [MIL]: [MIL 5] Recruit a General
    Vix-Tal, a hearthling master of Flame of undeniable ferocity has completed the ancient trial of The Burning Wheel and all signs point to him leading warriors in battle like none other. Wishing to avoid the tragedy of Zel-Dara's death on Dynastinarea the Eye of the Horizon settles on him as the choice for an ancient title that has not needed use since the dark times. Fire Lord. Vix-Tal at first refused the title, not wishing to be shackled in the politics of the Eye of the Horizon, and instead longing to remain as a free and independent Master. At the intense urging of Antich Heaventreader however the Hearthling Master sees the reasoning in such an action and with a few parameters put in place Vix-Tal dons the ceremonial mantle of Fire Lord to lead his people into battle.



    Spoiler: Ruler Stat Bonuses and tracking

    Diplomacy 6
    Military 5
    Economy 1
    Philosophy 5
    Intrigue 3

    Expected Bonuses: +2 Diplomacy

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    Fire Lord Vix-Tal goes to the Exchange under the pretense of a Bachelor's Party esque final hoorah of freedom from politics but in the process finds himself rather ingratiated and politically fond of the Eye of the Horizon's new neighbors, the An'Null Eradicators.

    Elizabeth of Rios Arcology is officially recognized as a Master of Flame after Fire Lord Vix-Tal leaves the Exchange and travels Galactic North to see to the further training of Sparks throughout the galaxy.
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Dax Shu'Triffalen

    1. [Economy] Econ 10: new technology - Trade league - outlined below
    Efficient communications being the bedrock of trade and politics, and building on some of the unique properties found in their recently discovered silicon nanowire, Etherite scientists and economists have produced a breakthrough allowing for a more easy transition of trading partners into a politically tenable situation to allow annexation.
    2. [Economy] Explore J 30 | TN 10 - Success
    The push continues to explore new territory by the Void Engineers.
    3. [Diplomacy] boost CmC opinion | TN 12 - Failure
    Outreached to the Cosmic Couriers broke down partially due to outstanding debts to the group.
    4. [Diplomacy] Diplomacy 5 - Declare Cultural Identity - Acquisition Paradigm - Increase die size to 2d8 for buyout actions
    5. [Military] Raise one unit of White Stars
    Looking to the future and with the number of different threats on the horizon, another squadron of White Star class vessels was commissioned to help protect Etherite holdings domestically and across space.

    Spoiler: Trade League

    Trade League
    If a player owns two (2) or more TPs in a region that is adjacent to one of their owned regions, they gain a Claim on that region
    (Requires:) Electronics
    Efficient communications being the bedrock of trade and politics, and building on some of the unique properties found in their recently discovered silicon nanowire, Etherite scientists and economists
    GM Approved

    • Resist all relevant buyout/convert/etc actions not explicitly approved or supported below

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    • Stage one of work has completed on the development of economic and political communications networking technology. Dax Shu'Triffalen proclaims it the crowning work for his time in the leadership position of the council of nine and expresses his hope that it is just the first of a new series of major discoveries to be made.
    • Legislation is passed extending the maximum term duration for all council members effective with new seats being filled.
    • With the coalescing of the Acquisition Paradigm into Etherite culture a new dawn of economic movement is seen. The discovery and securing of a wider variety of resources has brought on a new turn and page in the history of the Etherites.
    • With the end of term of Dax Shu'Triffalen on the near horizon the people look to the future with hopeful eyes wondering what is to come. Many possibilities exist and even the biggest minds and graduates of the School of Causality aren't sure which way Etherite society will progress in the coming years.

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats (in the following order):
    Diplomacy 5
    Military 4
    Economy 10
    Philosophy 2
    Intrigue 2

    New Ruler Next Round?
    Expected Stat Bonuses:
    Econ, Diplomacy

    New Ruler Stats:
    Diplomacy 5
    Military 3
    Economy 6
    Philosophy 1
    Intrigue 1

    Total TPs : 7

    Total Mil units 1

    Mil Unit Cap:
    4 + Regions controlled =
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Region E5, E7, F6
    Round 4
    Director of Symbiosis Zal M’ell
    Diplomacy: 10
    Military: 1
    Economy: 4
    Philosophy: 3
    Intrigue: 6

    Director of InfoSec Yem T’yse
    Diplomacy: 7
    Military: 1
    Economy: 2
    Philosophy: 3
    Intrigue: 4

    1 [INTRIGUE] Secret

    Not all that occurs within UPT is known to those who seek to listen in.

    2 [INTRIGUE] Subjugate the Great Serpent of Melfynus +1 Project

    Dialogue is opened between the Symbraum and the Melfynians regarding their colossal homewater neighbor known as the Great Serpent of Melfynus which threatened to replicate its historical destruction of Melfynian civilization at any moment if left unchecked. UPT agents offer their aid in subduing the great creature, not through force of arms or banishment of the massive monster but through dialogue made possible through the bonding of a Symbraum with the mind of the great beast elevating its consciousness to true intelligence allowing it to recognize its own destructive capabilities and thus avoid them. Never before has a Symbraum attempted to bond with a creature of such gargantuan size and so, with Melfyninan permission, the Symbraum seek to study the Serpent and conduct limited psionic experiments to probe the creature's mind for suitability as a host. Some within UPT suggest multiple Symbraum may be needed to bind with the creature's mind, an unprecedented proposal, while others insist its size is inconsequential in relation to the beast's primitive brain which an experienced Symbraum should be easily able to subdue. More concrete answers regarding the creature's natural intellectual capacity are sought via a probing investigation into the Serpent's responses to psychic stimuli and historical analysis of its movements and acitivites searching for any sign of intelligent directives guiding its prior actions. Once a more complete understanding of the Serpent's mental faculties is obtained the Symbraum will be prepared to move forward with an attempted bonding, with Melfynian permission of course.

    3 [DIPLOMACY 10] Permanent CI Parasitic Puppeteers (2d8 when Pressing Claims)

    The codes and bylaws laid down early in the Symbraum's GLD-age of expansion regarding proper etiquette relating to "symbiosis" and bonding are permanently enacted as full laws to be abided by all representatives of UPT going forward. "Parasite" is classified as a slur and hate speech being fully disavowed in the formal culture of the Trust. Emphasis is placed on the elevating nature of Symbraum oversight offered by Symbraum protection of, borrowing from Kamasati terminology, Dream Children within the galactic community. While Zal M'ell may have been facing a significant enough disgrace over his latest appropriation of funding for an unapproved venture to merit his dismissal from formal leadership many of the policies enacted under his administration outlive the retiring Director and become the playbook by which his successors will play the great galactic game.

    4 [DIPLOMACY] Attend the !Galactic Exchange! in hopes of working closer with the Conclave of the Black Sun

    • Hand Library of Peace to CBS
    • Hand Library of Truth to ANE

    UPT has remained relatively isolated from the galactic stage since the Simulacrum opened the doorway to stellar expansion but with new leadership taking the helm it is determined the time was nigh for another foray into the galactic community. Word of an event hosted by the Duenem reaches the always open ears of UPT listeners and while many distrust the soulless synthetics it is agreed to put such concerns aside for the time being in the interest of facilitating diplomacy. Specifically UPT ambassador ships stop in the Tal-Amanyk sector to personally deliver a polite request for a representative of the Viceroy to join the Symbraum at the House to discuss matters of some urgency.

    5 [MILITARY] Invade D6 with 2 Units under Security Officer Jed K'bix

    While the prisoners to the galactic north might satiate demands for live brains their guardians made an attack with the anemic UPT forces a poor proposition and it was undesirable for many to take over the function of a demonic presence. However, fuel was a valuable resource in Axiom desired by many Stellar Powers and the underwater plutonium fueled cities lacked the defensive capabilities of the other recent discoveries making them a viable target for annexation. UPT ships, greatly expanded in number through the distribution of alien mummy crews, sweep into the system to declare it a protectorate of the growing UPT.


    • Endorse conversion of E5 to Kamasati
    • Endorse conversion of F6 from Open to Kamasati

    [2/7 UNITS]
    Emergency Defense Force One
    Alien Mummy Drones


    • Director Zal M'ell is forced to resign by a majority decision of Division Heads upset over his autocratic decisions in the previous sessions overriding directives to act on his own individual ambitions. The much more straight laced and respectful of hierarchy Director of Information Security Commission, referred to as InfoSec in most formal and informal documents, is appointed to replace the Director of Symbiosis by a majority appointment backed by Foreign Relations, Protection, Breeding, and curiously Transcendence Divisions. Space Exploration had continued to support Zal despite his overriding majority directives, no doubt due to his overriding having been favorable to SED ambitions, and Breeding and Applied Research support the Internal Development Commission's Director Ved L'mul for Axiom representation of UPT. While many had suspected TD would support Ved forcing SED to abandon Zal to play tie breaker in a follow on election the mysterious sages had chosen to back the InfoSec Director despite his relative disinterest in matters of promoting Kamasati ideology within UPT borders. Of course, TD were always difficult to predict and rumors over their motivations abound.
    • The Churches of Rust are informed that they needn't waste resources hunting down the perpetrators of theft against the so-called "SPACE KING" of Vacio. UPT admits to absconding with the Library of Peace explaining they had no confidence in the former squire turned flexing moron to safeguard a relic of the lost Caller civilization. Should the Raas take issue with this logic they are invited to make their objections known to the UPT representative attending the !Galactic Exchange!
    • The sleeping denizens of galactic sector D8 are entered into formal record as highly likely to be Dreamers and a pantheon in their own right. An official apology, though lacking specifics, is issued for prior attempts by UPT to undermine their domain. Director Yem personally assures these neighbors that the actions of Zal do not reflect the unified will of the Symbraum and assures the sleeping giants who rest within their cradle of stars that no further attempts to counteract their desires will be made under his leadership.
    • The Artificial Intelligence in galactic sector E3 is declared to be a Demon and UPT pledges to do everything in its power to overthrow its foul presence. Abducting and enslaving children while making mockery of their forms through artificial recreation of their bodies is a most heinous pursuit. There were some outside UPT who might sling mud regarding the Symbraum's symbiosis with Dream Children both young and old being more similar than different to Peter's machinations but the Symbraum maintain their absorption and uplifting of organic consciousness keeps them far separate from mechanical tyrants exploiting children for slave labor. The attention paid to this current state of affairs while no official action is taken leads some to conclude the InfoSec Director is seeking to handle this situation quietly to avoid backlash from the Demonic AI.
    • The irresponsible civilization from D4 which left war machines buried underground ready to terrorize their own subjects hundreds of years after their decline are debated regarding their categorization as demon or simply savage. Given the current lack of knowledge regarding the tripods builders they avoid classification as demons though many minds express their desire to address the situation planetside feeling UPT's accidental activation of these dormant war machines obligates them to action intended to reverse the terrible situation.
    • WAR! War between the Melfynians and Conclave has UPT on edge. Officially the Symbraum remain neutral and encourage their galactic neighbors to seek compromise over conflict. Behind closed doors debates rage as to who UPT should support with compelling arguments from all camps. Supporters of the Melfynians point to their willingness to cooperate on subjugating the Melfynian Serpent which included allowing Symbraum to seek symbiosis with such a vast creature on their homeworld. Melfynian supporters advocate that a cooperative partnership more akin to equals could be more valuable to UPT than the longtime stance of appeasement and deference towards the Conclave which had been adopted early on in the wake of the Simulacrum meeting. Supporters of the Conclave meanwhile cite the positive relations well established between UPT and the resurgent Tal-Amanyk arguing that a show of military support now would indebt the Conclave for decades to come and as a nearer neighbor their cooperation with UPT aims was more valuable. When it is revealed the Library of ___ is not handed over to the Conclave but rather the Eradicators argument over a even greater need for a demonstration of solidarity with their neighbor grows louder while Melfynian supporters point to this as indication of support for their proposed alliance at the highest levels. Ultimately however UPT maintains its neutrality...for now.
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    NPC Actions

    Expiration Dates close at the end of the round specified in their description:

    Sisterhood of Silence

    [Philosophy] Spread Enlightenment to G17 for DCC Favor - With good relations between the Sisterhood and the Droccen Imperium well established Empress Sai’s request for a conversion of the nearby insect-inhabited world is well received in the halls of Dawn Embrace monastery. The cicada-like natives are enlightened to their cosmic place as pieces to a great overarching puzzle that unified living and nonliving in a grand tapestry of truth. Some of the Tezh Consensus’ more scientific approach to Oneness filters in proving remarkably effective in swaying the recycle minded machinist locals.

    [Philosophy] Offer Sisterhood probing services to Rocthurhi - Seeking a greater understanding of their new home and its surroundings the Sisters of Morning Bloom contact the Rocthurhi to offer the service of the probes they brought along in scouting nearby unexplored space. (Allow the SoS to Probe U9 on behalf of RTH. Reward: +1 to Conversions in U9 the following round, +1 Favor owed to SoS. Expiration Date: Round 6)

    [Intrigue] Secret

    Cosmic Couriers

    Assured of incoming aid the Couriers defer their own work on the new O21 Relay station to allow Eyes of the Horizon to conclude construction and feeding in the region.

    The Ninurtine Empire is reminded that in two short years the offer extended for the Ninurtine to explore and acquire T24 will expire and with it the Empire’s chance to earn reputation and favor with the Couriers.

    Editing Roaming Star miniseries - Proxos has now toured the expansive Gelean systems, the planets of the Syndrome (excluding their homeworld naturally), and each of the known Relay systems in his documented journey through Axiom. The Luminary has offered colorful commentary on the various races and cultures he has witnessed so far, colorful enough that extensive editing is needed for the Couriers to maintain an unrestricted release on most broadcasting networks. A few choice gems make the cut as the miniseries takes shape as something of a comedic evolution of the haughty Proxos from uncaring observer to bemused member of the galactic community, albeit a superior member of course. The Couriers are hopeful that another Stellar Power or two will offer the opportunity to add a few more reels of exploration footage to edit into the final cut. (Request: Any two Stellar Powers may spend a Diplomacy or Philosophy action to contribute towards the Roaming Star entertainment great project. Reward: +1 Rep for every 1 to 2 actions contributed. Expiration Date: When project completes. To receive +1 Rep at the conclusion of project: SYN, GLR)

    [Economy] Buyout F22 Operative Frogs TP 1 for DCC - The promise of a favor from the Droccen for Courier aid in securing a supply of the Cagun’s unique frog legs and associated recipes elicits a response from the Relay nearby between Ndoda and Harmony space. Couriers depart in shuttles to galactic sector F22 where they make contact with the rambunctious Caguns offering fabrics, shampoos, and other hygiene related products for trade to the mud-caked natives in the hope of killing two birds with one stone acquring the queer operatic frogs for the Imperium and helping to clean up a rather dirty organic race. TP 1 to be given to DCC upon purchase in exchange for a Favor owed

    [Economy] Offer Courier exploratory services to the Guild Empire of Nyx - Only one known Relay remains in an unexplored system adjacent to the rapidly enriching Nyxians. Hopeful the Guild-Empire will be as willing to spend on exploration as they are on hiring space pirates the Couriers submit a proposal to the Lord of Coin offering the Couriers’ scouting services to the nearby Nyxians. Request: Allow the CmC to Expedition L6 on behalf of GEN. Reward: +1 to Buyouts in L6 the following round, +1 Favor owed to CmC. Expiration Date: Round 6

    [Diplomacy] Inform the Tezh Consensus of a suspected nearby Relay - Faint signals have been picked up from unexplored space spiralward near the capital of the Tezh Consensus suggesting a Relay existed somewhere to the Tezh’s galactic east. Talotius of the Tezh is offered a small bounty for their aid in the exploration and recovery of this missing Relay which will enhance Courier coverage of Axiom’s eastern spirals. (Request: TZH explore W15 or W17 until the missing Relay is discovered and bring the region under Tezh control. Reward: +1 Reputation with CmC, +1 Favor. Expiration Date: Round 8)

    An’Null’s Eradicators

    [Military] Raise 1 Unit of Eradicators - It seems the Vilari were not the first interstellar force to make contact with the feuding Telenite Defenders and Yundar Hungerers as Eradicator ships appear at the edge of the system’s space poised for war. Apparently the Yundar had petitioned the Eradicators for aid as the Eradicators arrive like a flash of lightning sweeping through Telenite defenses and abducting hundreds if not thousands of loyal Defenders as slave-soldiers to serve the Shadow Admiral. With the Telenite forces decimated and the promising negotiations ongoing with the Vilari the Yundar appear confident they will soon reign supreme over their home system and suck dry every last drop of mercury. (Units in Q5 reduced by 1)

    [Diplomacy] Attend the !Galactic Exchange! - The time has come for the Eradicators to make their public debut...

    Event post to come in time.


    [Intrigue] Secret
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Conclave of the Black Sun
    His Excellency, Azric Rey-Vandriss, Viceroy of Amanyk

    1: [Diplomacy] Finalise claim on F8.
    Tal-Amanyn chefs are sent to the Greatest Diner to sample, assist and learn in the hopes of building cultural ties between Amanyk and the Crawdads. Elsewhere the final details regarding shared ownership are established. A clause in the documents directs all profits to the local people as an act of good faith and generosity from the Conclave.

    2: [Diplomacy] Press claim on H8. Complete Success.
    The Conclave's diplomats descend upon the Ruby World. They meet simultaneously with each of the Ruby Gods and work to convince them of the value of setting aside their differences and joining with the Conclave. They make liberal use of the technological conveniences available to them such as personal shields and flying vehicles in hopes of impressing the Rubies.

    3: [Diplomacy] Finalise Claim on F10.
    Negotiations between the Conclave and the peoples of the neighbouring sector continue. The usual offers of technological assistance, economic integration, free travel and governmental autonomy are finalised without much issue. Meanwhile, elsewhere, Tal-Amanyn engineers are working on the crystalline wrecks, identifying those that can be restored, those that would be best stripped for parts and those that should remain as tombs.

    3: Military Send two units into F10 to oppose the Melfynians and defend the region. The Viceroy is not leading this battle.
    The glorious, mighty fleets of the Conclave depart Amanyk to protect the inhabitants of F10 from the unlawful predations of the dread Melfynians. Said glorious mighty fleets consist of one half-functional battlecruiser, The Sword of the Conclave, its escort vessels and precision fighter wings.

    3: [Diplomacy] Finalise claim on F10.
    Despite tensions, negotiations with the Melfynians resume and peace is restored. The diplomats and engineers who had been recalled from F10 are immediately sent back out to integrate the region as per agreement with the locals.

    4: [Diplomacy] Attend the Galactic Exchange.
    Though circumstances with another of the Conclave's neighbours prevent the Viceroy from personally travelling to the Exchange, he dispatches his most trusted representative, Supreme Justice Linia Salvord who travels aboard the Viceroy's personal diplomatic vessel. After all, discussions with the Unified Public Trust cannot be delayed due to transitory concerns.
    -Accept the offered gift, the Library of Peace, from the UPT.
    -Accept the grand prize, Galactic Currency Mint tech from the Duenem.

    5: [Economy] Buyout Unstable Dark Energy, H6, TP1. Success.
    With time running short the Master Assayer throws himself into the work of acquiring fuel for the people and industries of Amanyk, even if the very thought of the fell energies on offer fills him and his crew with dread.

    To all whom it may concern, be advised that a state of open hostility has broken out between the Conclave of the Black Sun and All Melfynians. If the Melfynians refuse to break off hostilities and withdraw from sovereign territory of the Conclave of the Black Sun within seven standard days of the date of this transmission the hostilities will be escalated to a state of open warfare. All are advised to steer clear of the disputed region to avoid becoming caught in the crossfire.
    Signed, sealed and dated at the Sky Assembly after a vote of the Conclave of the Black Sun with nine thousand eight hundred and ninety in favour and one hundred and ten abstentions.

    Declaration of War against Melfynus
    The Conclave of the Black Sun, the Supreme Courts of Amanyk and the Viceroy acting in the stead of the Undying Sovereign do hereby declare in concordance that an unfortunate escalation of hostilities has become necessary and that a state of war does hereby exist between Amanyk and Melfynus due to the latter's unprovoked attack upon those under the protection of the Conclave and the Aegis of the Undying Sovereign and their militant interference with the peaceful actions of the Conclave's representatives.
    Though regrettable, this action is necessary in order to protect the inhabitants of the Spatial Region designated F10 in The Guardian's catalogue, to ensure the repatriation of any and all Tal-Amanyn remains present entombed within derelict hulks within the aforementioned Spatial Region, to ensure the recovery of the Conclave's treasure and finally in defence of the Undying Sovereignty of Her Glorious and Most Eternal Majesty Narisa Velrey-Aman.
    So sayeth the Conclave as One. So sayeth the Supreme Justices in Accord. So sayeth the Viceroy for the Sovereign.
    So sayeth Amanyk.

    Retraction of Declaration
    The Conclave wishes to apologise to all involved for its haste in making the preceding declaration. Though negotiations were believed to have failed, cooler heads have prevailed and peace with Melfynus has been restored. The Conclave thanks its allies for their support in these trying times and thanks its people for their fortitude.
    It is the hope of the Conclave and the Viceroy that amicable relations with Melfynus may resume.

    Spoiler: News and Rumours
    Scarves have become extremely fashionable on Amanyk.

    Spoiler: Ruler Information
    Diplomacy: 8
    Military: 2
    Economy: 4
    Philosophy: 2
    Intrigue: 5

    Age: 106

    Expected stat increases: +1 Diplomacy
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Technocratic Meritocracy of Caruflaith Restored, In Civil Disorder

    Regions C11 and D12
    Marshal Galen, disciple of Aoife
    Round 5

    1. [Economy]Using the Mysterium, transform Androids to Yeather to satisfy capital resource requirement
    2. [Economy]Repair the Mysterium 1/2
    3. [Philosophy 5]Create a Realtaist Assembly at C11, storing the Mysterium within
    4. [Diplomacy]Claim C9 (2d6+6) 11
    5. [Diplomacy]Claim E11 (2d6+6) 17


    Resist all foreign buyouts, conversions etc., unless converting to state faith or explicitly permitted.

    News and Rumors:

    Spoiler: Ruler

    Marshal Galen Aoife
    Diplomacy 5 +1
    Military 2
    Economy 3 +1
    Philosophy 10
    Intrigue 1

    New ruler: NO
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Sublime People's Republic
    (S7, S9)

    Member of the Uplift Chorus
    Chairman Patricia Tats
    Diplomacy 6
    Military 2
    Economy 4
    Philosophy 2
    Intrigue 2

    1. [Diplomacy] Claim T8 on ideological grounds (2/2) - With the Unity Guard Assembly and Morning Bloom Monastery preaching of Oneness and unity on every street corner on both hostile homeworlds and the newly burgeoning colonies being reestablished and reconnected throughout the system the SPR's dominion firms up throughout this sector of space. As sponsors to organizations set up to build a dual power structure to the traditional Thneedz factory owners the SPR had essentially built one unified government alongside and then on top of the former two world powers which had kept this sector locked in cold war for over a century. SPR officials soon become simply government officials no more particularly alien than any other offworlder. Indeed being an offworlder in general became less of a damning mark and more of a sign of prosperity among the progressive ideals promoted by Oneness.
    2. [Diplomacy] Claim T6 on ideological grounds Great Success TN: 18 Roll:19 - Effort is made to connect the scattered survivors of the Crystallized sector offering the reunite the lost people with their homes and help shepherd them through the trauma of their world having experienced a catastrophic WMD event similar to the SPR's homeworld. The similar circumstances prove a powerful base for building trust with the remnant locals who eagerly take to the new purpose proposed by joining with the People's Republics being fermented in this corner of the galaxy. Union not only in ideology but in political and civil purpose proves incredibly compelling and within a handful of short years the SPR has a significant presence established in the region.
    3. [Diplomacy 5] Establish an Embassy with LYR - The SPR makes formal diplomatic overtures to Lyrae petitioning the government for a standing embassy in their territory. The People's Republic wishes to express concerns over the conditions on Lyrae III having received a number of distressing transmissions in recent years. A request is put in that the SPR's embassy itself be on Lyrae III that they may observe the conditions of the prisoners there with their own eyes and oversee the functioning of the Lyraen justice system. Republic agents will be sworn not to interfere but merely to advocate on behalf of promoting humane treatment be enacted and enforced by the Lyraen government.
    4. [Diplomacy] Contribute to the Vilari Aid Station (4/5) - First Equal Somos finds a sudden influx of resources provided to himself indirectly and his more moderate allies directly within the Casrule Movement through the Vilari Aid Station. While the Sodality wished to promote moderation and had chosen to make Kask their primary ally within the Casrule political minds within the SPR felt Somos and those who aligned with his thought demonstrated a greater likelihood for true freedom for the majority of Kryptids. The Kryptid Queens were in SPR popular political opinion akin to a capitalist class but even more diabolical for their production of worker-soldiers to fight and die for their vain strife to be the biggest and the best. Kask may have had lofty ideals but democracy could not work with tyrants left free from the dictatorship of the mass line. Not wishing to upset the Vilari or be ejected from the project the more radical "enslavement" proposed by Somos is never fully endorsed but blind kindness towards the queens without recognizing and adjusting for the real material differences in power relations within the Kryptid morphology is rejected as foolhardy and dangerous.
    5. [Diplomacy] Share CI from RTH - The Verification protocols instituted by the Rocthurhi relating to ideological expression are studied and adopted by the SPR's leading theorists. With the Tezh's emphasis on Oneness as more than a mystical ideal and more as a scientific truth scientific papers as well as political theory finds itself tightly reviewed and while not subject to outright censorship actively sorted in availability to the general public such that One-approved messages were far more ubiquitous and easy to find rather than dissenting opinions. Ideological impurity was to be rigorously torn apart and not permitted to gain traction under the Rocthurhi guidance further insulating the Republic from ideological attack.

    Non Actions
    • Support VLS claim on R6
    • Cash in SoS Favor to clear DCC of debt

    Rocthurhi Embassy

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region # Resource Minor Good Great Learning Center Assembly
    Terron Home Sector S7 Matter Manipulators SPR Open XXX The One -

    Spoiler: Armies and Technology

    1/5 Cap
    1. Archangel Squadrons One through Three

    Tactical Doctine
    Mass Wave Tactics (Size Losses become 1d3)

    Military Technology


    Cultural Identity
    • 2d8 on Conversions (Ideology 10 LC Bonus)



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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Ndoda
    Umkhonto Ukiphosa Elunxwemeni
    Leader Stats:
    Diplomacy - 4
    Military - 6
    Economy - 7
    Philosophy - 2
    Intrigue - 3

    Diplomacy - Press Claim onto D22 - 2/2
    Economy: buyout TP2 in C23 - Failure [10]
    Economy: buyout TP3 in C23 - Success [13]
    Economy: buyout TP3 in D20 - Success [14]
    Economy: Explore F20 - Success![10]

    Dice Rolls

    - Passively resist all other buyouts and conversion attempts of owned regions and TPs

    News and Rumors:
    Umkhonto Ukiphosa has chosen her successor and begun grooming them to officially be named Umkhonto in 2 years' time. As according to custom, the new Umkhonto will not be named until the official takeover, but those with golden eyes have noticed an old male frequenting the Umkhonto's quarters...

    The continuing collection of rare goods and metals still delights the Ndoda, and trade between clans is bustling and competitive more than ever, each trying to send out their own ships for an exclusive corner of the market.

    New Leader next round? Yes

    New Leader Stats:

    Diplomacy - 2
    Military - 3
    Economy - 5
    Philosophy - 1
    Intrigue - 1
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Rundhrul of the Ofgryl Cluster

    1. [Eco]Accept TP from MFM
    2. [Mil]Conquer F10 with 1 (no longer secret) unit, not led by Rundhrul (or anyone else)
      [Mil]Project: Establish Security Posts in Aurora[L10]
    3. [Mil]Recruit General
    4. [Int]Secret [Redacted]
    5. [Int]Secret [Redacted]


    Spoiler: News and Rumours

    • After years of attempts the Melfynians were finally able to chart a safe path to F10 and immediately mobilized their military to secure the region. The Conclave immediately interpreted it as hostilities based on nothing more than their belief F10 is rightfully theirs for the sole reason of proximity despite already fully aware of the aquatics interests properly communicated to them when their representatives first met in the Simulacrum. Unlike the Conclave which had to fabricate their claim all sneakthievelike, the Melfynians never had to work behind anyone's back for their interests in F10 as they immediately sent a probe to it as soon as practicable unlike the Conclave. Seeing the possibility of conflict, the Melfynians opened up communications with the Conclave in hopes some negotiations could avert the crisis with both parties pleased.
    • Despite their attempted negotiations with a lot of concessions the Melfynians were willing to concede, the aquatics are understandably disappointed the other side wanted nothing but the complete compliance of the Melfynians to their 'superiors' by acquiescing to Conclave sovereignty or war. A demand they refused to budge on despite further attempts by the Melfynians to at least try and reach some form of a deal for the two to reach at least a tremulous peacetime. In lieu of the Conclave's decision, they too made their own announcements hoping other powers will allow the two to sort things out themselves.
    • Taking advantage of the two public events of the two galactic standard years, one in a casino and one in a hotel, the Melfynians have taken the opportunity to send even more linguists out in hopes to better learn and collect information of all the different languages. The casino especially proves that there are plenty of fringe languages in the universe which the Melfynians have to take into account for their efforts but that same event has proven it easier for the Melfynians to approach those who use them exclusively.
    • At least until the next stage is accomplished by the UPT, the Melfynians have decided to put on hold any further act in subduing the Serpent and are more content to continue their stay and watch approach with even more weapons locked unto the beast just in case the UPT accidentally agitates the still unknown creature.
    • While the sparks of war was averted thanks to the desires of the north western powers to maintain the peace and the Conclave's new willingness to negotiate by bringing in terms they can work with, the Melfynians were under no illusions that there is always a threat of conflict even in a straightforward situation and have decided to start grooming capable military minds which will be capable of defending their interests as the ruling powers do have responsibilities of their own.
    • Though the Geleans have been foolish in trying to breach the core at the risk of unleashing the horrors within, the Melfynians believe that helping them plug up the hole would be better for the collective good and have offered their assistance in the other power's project. "We hope this would serve a lesson that any designs on the core, justified or not, can be backed with the capability of dealing with the dangers within." The Melfynians go on to implore that those powers dead set on breaching the core including the Rothuun, the Geleans and Eradicators would at least take better time to prepare themselves in terms of intelligence and equipment which would also hopefully allow all the other powers of the galaxy to beef up their own defences.

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats (in the following order)
    Diplomacy 6
    Military 5
    Economy 1
    Philosophy 5
    Intrigue 7

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Expected Stat Bonuses
    Int +1
    Mil +1
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Rothuun Minotaurs
    (Round5: AR 2154- AR 2156)
    Urthuun Kzarna Harpooner

    [Military]Build the Nephret Hotel and Casino on Ikhal (⅗):
    [Military]Build the Nephret Hotel and Casino on Ikhal (⅖):
    [Military] Raise a unit: The Takhaun Riders, a mixed-race group of Rothuun elite warriors, have been hired by the Urthuun to support the Minotaur army. In exchange for this service, they will be given as much Hyper Honey as their mounts can eat, which will enable them to survive and move within the vacuum of space.
    [Military]Defend Baryshev with 3 units led by Kzarna Harpooner:
    [Diplomacy]Host an Event:
    Spoiler: Subactions
    Agree to terms with SYN

    Propose alliance with ITS: Both aides agree to defend each other against attack, support each others’ buyouts of unowned TPs, and share copies of all techs. Additionally, ITS agrees to vassalize to RMT as soon as possible and RMT converts state religion to the Church of Iteus and supports all future conversion attempts.

    Ask the Kronin to trade Enhanced Microplating for a future technology.

    Give the Nephret Hotel to the Eradicators in exchange for +1 Rep and a Favor

    Resist conversions (except from ITS if they agree to alliance terms)
    Resist buyouts

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    Put something here later

    Spoiler: Technologies

    Enhanced Microplating

    Spoiler: Bookeeping and Ruler Info
    Units: 1+1

    Resources Controlled: Takhaun (Q19.1), Miracle Machines (P22.3)

    Urthuun Kzarna Harpooner

    Diplomacy: 4
    Military: 9 +1
    Economy: 7
    Philosophy: 2
    Intrigue: 1
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Mier Formica
    Sectors: C17, D14, D16 (C), E17

    Round 5 Actions:

    1. [Economy] Gift D16 TP1 (Sap Trees) to MYA through our embassy.

    2. [Economy] Buyout Open E17 TP1 mining bots Failed 11

    3. [Diplomacy 10] Become a galactic Power

    4. [Diplomacy] Resolution action press claim on C19 (1 turn claim)

    5. [Diplomacy] Press claim on C15 2/2 Auto Success

    Non Actions:

    Spoiler: Ruler Information
    Tapinoma Mier

    Diplomacy: 10
    Military: 6
    Economy: 2 + 1
    Philosophy: 2
    Intrigue: 2

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Round 5
    The Guild-Empire of Nyx
    Nyx (Sector K5)
    Domino Ophelo, Lord of Coin

    1. [Economy] Buyout L10 Space Whales TP 2 Supported 14 - Curious to acquire space whales for study and utility of their various bodily productions the Nyxians dispatch a veteran merchant vessel helmed by the Merchant Prince of Reguna. Negotiations with the local Grays and homage paid to the new Gelean administrators soon sees a steady supply of the massive space creatures being shepherded to Nyxian space where large segments of uninhabited space are set aside as roaming grounds for the great beasts. Admiral Bonparte looks upon these imported giants with the keen eye of a tactician curious as to their potential utility in war.
    2. [Military] Raise 1 Unit of Killbots - On the advice of Admiral Bonaparte Lord Domino pours the majority of the Guild's coffers into armament of the stellar power ensuring the Gilded Garrison is at maximum capacity following the space station's completion in the prior years. Additional programmers and software architects from sector L8 are formally inducted into the large mercenary force which served to insulate the rich Nyxian homeworlds from hostilities. Newly commissioned Killbots receive chrome plating turning the mechanized death dealers into a rather gaudy and intensely reflective swarm of metal.
    3. [Military] Raise 1 Unit of Sorcerers - Additional sorcerers are brought under contract with the onus of new Casrule-enforced taxes being placed on the sorcerer's side of the bargain. Of course, the Casrule were rather disorganized and so many who came north across the Core manage to avoid garnishing their new wages at all reaping the full reward for their service in the large but so far mostly inactive Nyxian space force. These newly inducted magical prodigies bunk up with the veteran sorcerers stationed at the Garrison where they begin learning Nyxian tactics under Admiral Bonaparte.
    4. [Military] Raise 1 Unit of Cyreilean Sorcerers - When Admiral Bonaparte requests permission to begin conducting experiments with the plethora of magically gifted soldiery traveling to Nyx to serve in their armed forces he is given the greenlight with almost no red tape. After all, these were mercenaries not Nyxian citizens and the Nyx were as curious as anyone as to the extent of their magical abilities. A battalion of new sorcerous recruits are thus provided with daily rations of Cyreilean Marching Powder which appears to have an intense effect on the soldiers' magical abilities at the cost of a slight degradation of rational thought and discipline. These wired up magicians are soon given their own private quarters away from the other sorcerers to avoid further incidents after a magical duel over "a funny look" nearly blows a hole to space in the side of the Garrison.
    5. [Military] Raise 1 Unit of Contrapsions - Another experimental regimen proves less volatile and more promising when recruit sorcerers are tested against screeching crystals proving their abilities were not psionic as the crystals failed to impede their magical abilities. This squadron is subsequently equipped with psychic-dulling screeching crystal infused equipment and augmented with custom killbots designed to facilitate a meaningful, and most importantly undetectable, countermeasure to psions like those of the Kamasati and Gelean Republic. While Lord Domino maintains his government has the utmost respect for the Geleans it seems Admiral Bonaparte has been whispering warnings into the Nyxian lord's ear and with the quickly expanding Nyxian war forces, well, anything was possible.

    1. Endorse OwO Buyout of Nyx (K5) Voidstone TP 2 or 3

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Lord of Coin Domino Ophelo

    Stat Value Increase?
    Diplomacy 5 -
    Military 6 +2
    Economy 8 -
    Philosophy 1 -
    Intrigue 2 -

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region Name Region Number Resource Learning Center Assembly Status Bonuses
    Nyx K5 Voidstone (Great) Mandate of Coin - Capital, Stable (Gilded Garrison 5/5 (+1 Unit Cap)

    Spoiler: Technology/Specialties
    Type Name Effect(s) Permanent?
    Cultural Identity Laws of Procurement 2d8 on Buyouts No

    Type Name Effect(s) Required Resource?
    - - - -

    Spoiler: Mechanical Bookkeeping

    Nyx Controlled Trading Posts:
    • Nyx (K5) Nostromo's Shroud Voidstone TP 1
    • M23 Sorcerers TP 2
    • L8 Kill Bots TP 1
    • L8 Kill Bots TP 2
    • K7 Angel Wings TP 1
    • Neo-Sol (K9) Screeching Crystals TP 2
    • J8 Cyreilean Marching Powder TP 1

    Military Units CAP: 6
    1. Kill Bot Gold Swarm
    2. Sorcerer Squad Alpha

    ANE Auxiliary Units
    1. Eradicator Task Force One
    2. Eradicator Task Force Two

    • Grand Admiral Xavier Bonaparte (10)


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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread


    1: [DIP] Claim S11: 12 Success
    2: [DIP] Claim T12: 18 Great Success
    3: [DIP] Share CI with SPR
    4: [PHY] Convert R24 with Tezh Score: 16 Success
    5: [PHY] Convert R8: 17 Success

    Resist Buyouts and Conversions not listed.

    Spoiler: Consensus Leader Faugloglys

    Diplomacy: 6
    Military: 2
    Economy: 5
    Philosophy: 9
    Intrigue: 3

    New Leader: No
    Leader Stat Gain:
    +1 Phil
    +1 DIP

    News and Rumor:
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Kron

    King-General Krazkul
    Diplomacy: 3
    Military: 10
    Economy: 7
    Philosophy: 2
    Intrigue: 4
    I accidentally edited the wrong write up so I lost all my fluff. My apologies.
    News and Rumors:

    Spoiler: Other Effects
    [The Law of Flame's Mercy]
    When attacking a region with a WAR action for the first time in five rounds, with a successful tactical roll, the Konin have a -2 to their Combat Loss roll.[/B]

    1 Dip: Stabilize D28 Fail
    2 Dip: Attend Rothuun Event
    3 Mill: Create tech: [Enhanced Microplating] (Armor and Shields)
    Effect: +1 to Battle Rolls
    Requires: [B]Hard Metal
    4 Dip: Inquest Fail
    5 Dip: Inquest Success
    Resist buyouts and conversions.
    attend both !GalacticExchange! and Rothuun event
    Spoiler: Stat Changes
    +2 Dip
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Dawnstar Dominion

    Master Marius Thresher Nox

    1 (Econ) Expedition to W9 [12] (Success)
    2 (Econ) Expedition to W7 [15] (Success)
    3 (Econ) Expedition to U7 [16] (Great Success)
    4 (Econ) Expedition to V10 [10] (Success)

    Marius decrees that despite the abject failure of the Great Foray, the threat of failing metal reserves requires immediate action. In a desperate bid to save the fleet from collapse, Marius sends cobbled-together expeditionary ships, outfitted with whatever GLD's the Aurelian Order can muster, to scour surrounding systems for any usable materials. Setting out from Talvox, the hopes of the 'Dominion riding on their wingtips, the last vestige of the Expeditionary Force goes engines screaming into the cold blackness.

    5 (Mil Special 5) Recruit a General (Sorren Caxton Elien) [7​]
    Several wings now stand without a commanding Officer of the Order. The lives of the honourably deceased are mourned in a state ceremony at the academy, televised and broadcast throughout 'Dominion space. After their funerals, caskets set adrift in the Heroes' Rest belt orbiting Starfleet High Command's home fleet beacon, voting is held within the Wings, their high-ranking personnel selecting from amongst their own the new Officers of the Wings: Expeditionary Corps, Daggers of Hallion, the Redfleet, and following the death of Reval Caxton Zara, 63, in a training exercise gone awry, the Dawnguard Brigade.

    Within a month of the reports of the Foray's failures, four new Officers have arisen. For the Expeditionary Corps, Talon Karolus Trask, 34. For the Daggers of Hallion, Hollen Usidos Rexxaq, 41. For the Dawnguard Brigade, Jack Ackar Silver, 31. Most notably, emerging from a very close final ballot, the Redfleet elevates Reval's daughter, Sorren Caxton Elien, 39, to the Officer's post. An unexpected choice, as her military accomplishments are little to note, but one propelled by her fiery rhetoric. Under severe pressure to present a strong face to the fleet, Marius appoints Sorren to lead the planned missions to follow in the path of the Expeditionary Corps' new surge outwards.


    Spoiler: Tactical Doctrine
    'Scour the Bridge'. GM approved.
    Mindful of the threat of effective command, 'Dominion strike squads lead daring strafing runs targeting the bridge of the opposing flagship, in a bid to cripple their command structure (chance of leader loss for enemies increased by 4)

    Spoiler: Active Units

    Crimson Heart; Marius' personal flotilla of light cruisers, the only vessels to return from the Great Foray, credited with establishing the roots of vassalage within the neighbouring system of the pencilpushers.

    Master's Force; The personal guard force of the standing Master. Remains within home territory 'cept in times of war, where they join the Master's grand fleet.

    Grey Bulwark; The first squadron of 'the Line' equipped with GLD, the 'Bulwark is one of the oldest continuously operational squadrons in Starfleet, known for their complex, interlocking defensive formations, and possessing the fastest cruisers among the Wardens' forces.

    Stalwart Shield; Refitted with the last major reserves of metal available to the fledgling Aurelian Order, the 'Shield is one of the Wardens' heavier squadrons, comprised of bulky, ponderously slow heavy cruisers. Using tractor beams to remain anchored in formation during battle, these armoured beasts are formidable weapons platforms.

    Spoiler: Inactive (Lost) Units

    Ravager Squadron; The oldest and most decorated squadron in Starfleet, Ravager's Squadron Leaders were the most commonly elected to the position of Officer & Master. Such storied names as Aurelius, first Master of the Interstellar Era, back to Axton himself, led the Ravagers to glory on the battlefield. Lost with all hands on the Great Foray, the Ravagers banners remain on display in the Academy, a relic of the days the 'Dominion stood above all others.

    First Flight; The first squadron into space, First Flight scoured the stars in the days before the GLD was gifted to the 'Dominion, tirelessly mapping the Talvox system and surrounding sector, establishing peaceable relations with lesser races and remaining a beacon of hope that advanced life remained beyond our knowledge. Lost in battle against unknown foes during the Great Foray, First Flight remains a symbol of all exploration may gain for our great 'Dominion.

    Shatter Squadron: The teeming mass of corvettes, crewed by the most inexperienced of Starfleet's recruits, is the breeding ground for competent non-nobility to rise to prominence. Unfortunately, this inexperience led Shatter to catastrophe as a routine navigation task delegated to a fresh-faced ensign went horribly awry, shooting the squadron into the heart of an exoplanet on their inaugural jump as part of the Great Foray.

    Spoiler: Trade Posts

    TP 1 U11 (Jabberjaus)[Fuel]
    TP 1 V7 (Caroxan)[Fuel]

    Spoiler: Leader Stuff

    No new leader
    Projected increases Economy +2
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Region G25
    [FONT=Book Antiqua]Commonwealth of Zara
    Leader: Governor Mizusk Iskanem
    Round 5 (217512 - 217514 GD, 5 FC)


    1. [Military] Raise a unit
    Many SDSs were damaged or destroyed in the fighting (although far fewer than those of the vile alien enemy!), and so patriotic soldiers are recruited to build and man a new series of proven defense stations.

    2. [Economy] Explore F26: 16
    The labor situation is becoming ever more desperate, and in a remarkable show of unity, Ridiss, Vatelst, and Vyzna co-sponsor further expeditions in hopes of finding suitable robotic labor - or biological, if necessary.

    3. [Economy] Buyout Sui Generis Guardians TP 1, owned by the Droccen: 18
    The idea of using Guardians as laborers was not a new one, but it had never been quite as strongly entertained as it was now. Saronevi and Dizod, in particular, are the driving force behind these attempted acquisitions.

    4. [Intrigue] Raid Kronin Durasteel TP 1, owned by the Kronin: 12
    The Kronin are denounced as pathetic warmongering spies, and the Commonwealth demands a complete, accurate list of all Kronin entertainment programming for the next five years as repayment for the leaks. The soldiers sent to collect the schedule have secret orders from Vyzna, however, and fighting breaks out as they attempt to seize the Durasteel mines currently supplying the Kronin.

    5. [Intrigue] Secret: 7
    Something moves in the dark....


    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    • .

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats
    Diplomacy: 4
    Military: 4
    Economy: 9
    Philosophy: 2
    Intrigue: 9

    New Ruler Next Round? No

    Expected Stat Bonuses: +1 Econ, +1 Intrigue

    Spoiler: Other notes

    Military units: 0

    • Zara* SDS

    Resources controlled:
    • G25: Entertainment


    Caller Fragments:

    Religion bonuses:

    Organization bonuses:

    Saved actions:
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Church of Iteus, Round Five
    Pontiff Altea

    1. [Economic] (E5) With overpopulation getting worse, some people of the Church have looked heavily into vast sources of food to tap into. The nearby plantations of Q21 would be convenient if not for the addictive properties of their crops. Ultimately, a rather bizarre solution is found. Some Grymlan entrepreneurs have been trying to start a whaling business, but lacked funding to do anything large-scale. The Church, however, has deep pockets. The rather convoluted route around the core from sector L10 (home of the space whales) to the Itean system is not ideal, but with Church support the enlisted Grymlans are able to get it done. (Boost quantity of Space Whales in Region L10 and take control of the created TP)
    2. [Philosophy] Unwilling to give up on securing the Rothuun as an ally, the Pontiff almost completely purges the previous ambassadorial staff, relegating them to simpler duties. Perhaps as a result of the recent military disaster at the hands of the nearby Miracle Men the Rothuun are far more accepting of outside help, even inviting the Church to attend a special event to discuss diplomacy. (Convert Region Q19; Roll: 17; SUCCESS)
    3. [Philosophy] Once more the Church attempts to establish a presence in the curiosity that is sector P24. (Convert Region P24; Roll: 14; SUCCESS)
    4. [Intrigue] Following up on information gleaned from consumption of the Armando Knowledge Parasite, the Pontiff orders an investigation into the so-called "light additives" that the Caller AI 'Guardian' used to keep tabs on the Itean system. Any relevant information on function or origin of the additives is the greatest focus, though it will be a great success if any information is uncovered at all. (Roll: 17)
    5. [Intrigue] In addition, the Pontiff is watching closely for any hints of a Caller "network key," be it simple information on its nature or elaboration on how to obtain it (if it can be obtained). (Roll: 16)

    • Agree to the terms of the Nephret Pact:
      -Defensive pact between RMT, ITS, and SYN
      -RMT and SYN support conversions by ITS
      -RMT, ITS, and SYN support buyouts of unowned tps by fellow signatories
      -RMT will change state philosophy to Church of Iteus
      -Once possible, ITS will vassalize to RMT

    News and Rumors
    • Nobody dares speak of it aloud, but the state of Pontiff Altea has many members of the Church concerned. Even asides from the mental evolution, those who have seen her claim that her skin has become pale and rubbery, sometimes glistening with fluid in the light. It is a mercy that Church garb is so conservative in nature; only having to see the lower face is a mercy to those near her.

    Spoiler: Stats
    Altea's rolls
    Stat Value Increase?
    Diplomacy 2 -
    Military 4 -
    Economy 5 -
    Philosophy 7 -
    Intrigue 7 -
    Military unit count: 5
    • None

    • Caller Fragment Strict Obedience; Effect: Once/round +1 Tactical Maneuvering

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region Name Region Number Resource Philosophy Center Status
    Itean System Q23 Knowledge Parasites Church of Iteus Capital

    Spoiler: Technology/Specialties
    Type Name Effect(s) Permanent?
    n/a n/a n/a n/a
    Type Name Requirement(s) Effect(s)
    - - - -

    Spoiler: Characters
    -Pontiff Altea: Absolute ruler of the Church of Iteus
    -Archdeacon Taltha: In charge of doorlight research, loyal supporter of Altea
    -Archdeacon Malicha: Dedicated to the religious aspects of the Church, doubtful of Altea's direction but loyal regardless
    -Archdeacon Armando (DECEASED): afflicted with a Caller-AI-modified knowledge parasite, rendered catatonic and later expired after being used to temporarily tap into Caller signals
    -X other Archdeacons: subordinates of Altea that go about their business
    -Monarch of Ruria: ruler of the Ruria monarchy, de facto a puppet of the Church in his own country
    -Dictator of Subia: ruler of the Subia dictatorship, begrudgingly accepts Church hegemony
    -Prime Minister of Urbia: elected representative of the Parliament of democratic Urbia, begrudgingly accepts Church hegemony

    Spoiler: To-Do List
    -Acquire buddies
    -btfo Rolep
    -Find and reclaim the ancestral moose holy lands
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Dipanan Collected Nations


    1. [Intrigue] Secret Action Collector Ngila is well known for being willing to make compromises to keep the frontier safe.

    2. [Economy] Buyout open trade post 1 for Luminous Bronze in Region M25 Roll 7 The collected council approves a motion to probe the defenses of the antlyon beamships encountered in M25 by quietly mining some of the sector's outlying asteroids and ruined planets for the luminous bronze so common in the area. Unfortunately, the mining company that the permit goes to appears to have submitted a fraudulent claim at the auction, throwing their actual intentions into doubt.

    3. [Economy 5] Increase resource Quantity of Sorcerers in region M23 Large groups of humans begin travelling hubward through Miragupta colony with the intent of becoming sorcerers under the training of the Aliens in sector M23. Although the collected nations initially try to stop the flow of alien magics into their borders, but quickly reverse this policy once Yauloa starts hosting annual sorcerers' wrestling games, inviting the other nations to compete with their returned magical prodigies.

    4. [Diplomacy] Stabilize the Hoop Breach (L28). Roll 14 The burgeoning colonial deployments of the hoop breach had been stalled by supply shortages and political infighting over the ramifications of an increased colonial presence in the council. During the last two years of his term Collector Uwe Ngila tries to negotiate solutions to these problems and promote colonization in the breach.

    5. [Diplomacy 5] Create Embassy with the Kryptids Civil War The Kryptids were more and more on the minds of Collected nations citizens due to the influx of sorcerers from their space and the Technocratic Caliphate's invasion near Dipanan borders. Urging the importance of the Kryptids to Dipanan security, the collected council sends a diplomatic detail to fill themselves in on the war and secure the friendship of the Casrule movement.

    Offer the Casrule Movement Collected Nations ships and weapons in the coming 2 years, provided the Casrule attack the Technocratic Caliphate within the same period. (2 Units for the Casrule next round if they attack the caliphate) Regardless of whether the democrats or autocrats came out on top, the Casrule movement was the best hope for peace on the border with the Kryptid civil war, being possessed of the largest military and the most intergalactic support. The Collected nations offers to send the Casrule movement ships, weapons, and human volunteer soldiers if they agree to attack the Technocratic Caliphate currently advancing towards collected nation space.

    News and Rumors

    The expansion of the Technocratic Caliphate so close to Collected nation space is a worrying development. Although some call for assisting lord Hops with their war the collected council votes on a more cautious plan of increased military expenditures.

    In the election of '508, Shabalu representative Ulia Bingula defeats the Kallissan candidate largely due to mistrust over the Kallisan's independent space fleet. She promises a more thorough investigation into the metal loops of the hoop breach within the first half of her term.

    In Kalissa, support grows for a proposal to the council that would make each nations' vote count proportionately to its population. That the Kalissans would support such a measure is unsurprising, but it has gained traction with many of the other Katarsan nations concerned about colonial influence in government.

    Spoiler: Ruler Info
    Ruler: Collector Uwe Ngila, Representative of the Mbambasha Colony, elected in
    Diplomacy 5
    Military 3
    Economy 5
    Philosophy 1
    Intrigue 4

    Attribute improvements:
    +1 Economy
    +1 Dipomacy

    New Ruler Next Round!
    Collector Ulia Bingula
    stat rolls

    Inheritance bonuses: +1 diplomacy, +1 economy, +1 intrigue

    Attributes before improvements from this round's actions:

    Diplomacy 3 (2+1)
    Military 4
    Economy 3 (2+1)
    Philosophy 1
    Intrigue 5 (4+1)

    Spoiler: Military Units

    The Shields of Katarsa- five Prototype "Shield" class ships equipped with railguns and gravity latch drives
    The Gauntlets of Kalissa- A national army rather than a collected one, the Gauntlets are armed with nuclear warheads and gravity latch drives, and are currently a source of much consternation from the other powers speculating about Kalissa's intentions.
    The Pots of Katarsa- five prototype "Pot" class ships equipped with gravity latch drives, railguns, and Vapor-Misplacement Guns.
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    See, I remember the days of roleplaying before organisms could even see, let alone use see as a metaphor for comprehension. We could barely comprehend that we could comprehend things. Imagining we were something else was a huge leap forward and really passed the time in between absorbing nutrients.

    Biggest play I ever made: "I want to eat something over there." Anticipated the trope of "being able to move" that you see in all stories these days.

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Worlds of Lyrae
    Current Ruler: The Ascended One, Lyrae

    1. [Military] Raise a Unit
    2. [Diplomacy] Stablise a region (Failure!)
    3. [Diplomacy] Establish Claims on O11 (Success!)
    4. [Military] Raise a Unit
    5. [Philosophy] Explore P10 (Great Success!)

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats
    Diplomacy: 4 => 5
    Military: 7 => 8
    Economy:: 1
    Philosophy 6
    Intrigue: 1

    New Ruler Next Round?: NO

    Expected Stat Bonuses: +1 Diplomacy, Military.

    Border Status: Closed to Most. Vetted Nations include...
    The Vilari Solidarity
    The Grymlan Combine
    The Rocthuri
    The Church of Rust

    Vetted Nations are welcome to buyout any unowned trade post they wish. Verified faiths allowed to covert.

    Military Strength: 5 -> 7
    Military Doctrine Shock and Awe

    Diplomatic Agreements: Defensive Pacts with the Grymlans and the Vilari. Diplomatic envoys sent to the Grymlans, the Vilari, and the Rocthuri. Open borders with all three.
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    Round 4

    Svrrta-Zel Mrrzety
    Diplomacy: 1
    Military: 7 + 1
    Economy: 2
    Philosophy: 7 + 1
    Intrigue: 6

    1 - Phy: Convert I23 - (Using peaceful outreach)13

    2 - Phy: Convert J24 - 17

    3 - Mil: Invade J22 with 5 units, led by Svrrta-Zel Mrrzety

    4 - Mil: Raise Unit

    5 - Int: Secret Action

    Spoiler: Non-actions

    Spoiler: News and Rumours

    • The acquisition of new land and people, while invariably a good thing, has caused multiple government departments countless headaches, many of which are caused by the simple fact that the new territories take months to travel between. Early discussions have been in place as to the feasibility of extending the star lanes of Voxesier between the entire regency. Given the Vox almost certainly caused them, it remains probable they could produce them intentionally.
    • The mage lords of Voxesier-Maagrn in particular prove particularly resistant to integration. Despite their power, and potential usefulness for extending the lanes, whispers abound that the intelligence service is preparing itself for a possible purge of them.
    • The Vox-Fasel proved, surprisingly, the easiest of all the Vox to deal with. Once they found out they could carry on with their races (so long as they were open to all Svaatyrn citizens), they were more than happy to turn over control of the government, such as it was. Granting rulership to the fastest driver did not, it turned out, produce particularly invested leaders. Many Vox-Fasel proved downright eager to enlist in the military if it meant getting their hands behind the controls of their fighter ships, while their engineers were consulted on how to adapt cockpits to suit every species in Svaatyr.
    • The expansion of their southern neighbour has begun to cause some concern. The rate of expansion is not, in of itself, an issue, but their insistence on pressing right up against Svaatyrn space is raising eyebrows, given they have shown no desire to spread in any other direction. Their supposed uptake of the Nine remains the strongest defence against retaliation, but it is not an infinite one.
    • Intriguing developments have been reported on Voxesier-Biityo. While questions had been floated as to the feasibilty of inter-racial breeding, the answer came somewhat earlier than expected. Ostensibly for science (which the local gossip mill was quick to rubbish), it seemed that one of the Nolkir stationed there had produced a child with one of the locals. Though produced by the same temporal shenanigans as a full blooded Vox, the child mostly resembled a normal Nolkir, albeit one with a pale grey fur of a similar colour to his Vox parent's skin. Though too young to definitively answer most questions, the boy at least seemed to be equiped with the standard reproductive system of the Nolkir.

    Spoiler: National Information

    Spoiler: Military

    Tactical Doctrine - The Second Crusade

    Spoiler: Units

    • Scout Fleet Krdanrr-Yus - 2 Temple Class Ships, 65 Shrine Class Ships, 1500 Altar Class Ships
    • Scout Fleet Krdanrr-Meetrn - 2 Temple Class Ships, 65 Shrine Class Ships, 1500 Altar Class Ships
    • War Fleet Krdiitya-Balaay - 5 Temple Class Ships, 40 Shrine Class Ships, 1000 Altar Class Ships
    • Divine Fleet Krdiizel-Maluusi - 1 Cathedral Class Ship (Zelityaama), 4 Temple Class Ships, 50 Shrine Class Ships, 1000 Altar Class ships [2 Units]

    Spoiler: Resources

    • Sunstones - [K21]
    • Unbreakable Twizzlers - [J20]

    Spoiler: Fragments

    Peaceful Outreach

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    Republic of Celes (CEL)
    Under the leadership of Consul Maximilian Relor
    Round 5
    Post under construction because Nef is super busy.

    News and Rumors
    • Popular conspiracy theorists claim the recently discovered primitive world in R28 is a paradise, and home to an all-female race of nubile and eager humanoids with three breasts. "The elites just want to keep the triple-boobed hookers to themselves! That's why they've quarantined the planet! We should just get in our ships and go down to the planet. They can't stop us all!" Alexander James said on his broadcast, which has 173 million regular listeners.
    • The long lost human colony of Haethal at R28 has begun reintegrating into Celenian society. As always, the allure to technological conveniences has rapidly eroded their stone age culture. Contrary to conspiracy theories, only a minority of inhabitants have supernumerary nipples.

    • [Diplomacy]Stabilize R24 (15, Success!)
    • [Diplomacy]DIP-5 Special! Establish Embassy with NUT
    • [Diplomacy]Inquest S25 (13, Success!)
    • [Diplomacy]Inquest S29 (12, Success!)
    • [Economy]Buyout Trading Post 2 in R26, Celenian Alloys (11, Failure!)

    • Support Philosophy conversions to The One in Q25 and R24
    • Support NUT buyout of Celenian Alloy TP
    • A small, private ceremony is hosted on Celes VII as the Consul signs a defensive pact treaty with NUT and EHZ.

    Spoiler: Ruler Stats
    Ruler: Consul Maximilian Relor
    Diplomacy 6
    Military 8
    Economy 5
    Philosophy 1
    Intrigue 1

    Next round: +2 Diplomacy

    Capital Region: R26
    Other Regions: Q25, R24, R28
    Resources: Celenian Alloys (1), High Fashion (1)
    Technologies: None
    Military Force: RCS Harbinger of Dawn Lancer-class Cruiser [3 Units], Fighter Wing [1 Unit], RCS Tempest Rook-class Frigate [1 Unit], RCS Squall Rook-class Frigate [1 Unit]

    Spoiler: Diplomacy at a Glance

    • Pursuant to their defensive treaty, the Republic will defend the Jackstar Free Union's capital region of P28.
    • Mutual defensive pact with NUT and EHZ (all regions).
    • Religious or philosophic intrusion in the Republic of Celes capital region of R26 will be met with brutal military reprisal. No exceptions.
    • Unsanctioned acquisition of resources within the Capital will be considered a hostile action. Sternly worded letters to follow.
    • The Republic recognizes the regions of P22 as the de facto territory of the Church of Iteus.

    Spoiler: Links to Rolls
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    Round 5

    News and Rumors
    • Peace talks with the Melfynians finally come to an acceptable truce, even if it does feel more than a bit like extortion. The Mother feels that the Conclave's weak military presence led to these events and Communicator Jellydisc orders production of two additional combat fleets.
    • Xeno-hybrid colonies become increasingly common in Kombuch space. It becomes apparent that the hosts have increased fluid and caloric needs, but thankfully the Cacola Sphere is well equipped to handle it with mushroom tea production.

    • [Dip] Press claim on I9 (22 Great Success! Resolution Action!)
    • [Econ 5] Invest in expanding Gelean Angel Wing collection. (Upgrade Resource Quantity in K7)
    • [Mil] Raise Unit.
    • [Mil] Raise Unit.
    • [Int] Secret.

    • Support Conclave of the Black Sun's buyout of Unstable Dark Energy TP1 in the Mushroom Nebula.
    • Meet with Melfynians to prevent a war.

    Spoiler: Leader Stuff

    Communicator Bulbous Jellydisc
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 4
    Economy 6
    Philosophy 2
    Intrigue 5

    Expected gains: +1 Mil
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    Exploratory expeditions expeditiously expediting exploration would be epicurially equipped.
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    The Harmony
    The Conversion Begins

    Harmony Theme

    Spoiler: Leader:

    First Leader: Zero-Souls-on-Cosmic-Winds, 1st of the Nth
    Diplomacy: 10 + 2 this round = ...still 10
    Economy: 2
    Intrigue: 3
    Military: 5
    Philosophy: 2


    [Diplomacy] Raise reputation with the CmC from 2 --> 3 (TN: 14) Success!
    The Harmony approach the Couriers with an offer of a tour! The inner workings of their strange Caller ring must be a promising thing to see, no?
    [Diplomacy] Raise reputation with the SoS from 2 --> 3 (TN: 14) Success!
    A very similar proposal is made to the SoS, giving both organizations the same date for the tour! Merriment to be had by all.
    [Diplomacy] Press Claim on region C21 (TN: 12) Success!
    Join the Harmony, under-grounders.. Join us and rejoice.
    [Diplomacy] Inquest Exploration of B24 (TN: 12) Success!
    More worlds to study and histories to be found!
    [Diplomacy 5] Create Cultural Identity (+die size to insert pressing claims)
    We must begin asserting our identity, that of bridge-building, not razing.

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    The Harmony are strangely silent, peering across the stars at the CLS.
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    End of Round Five.

    All edits to actions posts made after this point will be considered invalid.
    BladeofObliviom said:
    I've only seen a character at anything resembling this level of absurdity thrive exactly once, and he/she/what-the-jongo had the advantage of being written by Gengy, who I look up to as a writer.

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    Round Six... Loading...
    The below happens between Galactic Dates 217508.0.0.81 - 2175010.0.0.80
    Don’t forget to link to any rolls you make for ANY Attribute checks, plus rolls for rulers you will start using at the start of next round. If you want a new ruler in the next round, you must state so in your action post for this round and link to their rolls. Any increases from actions for this round are counted for the ruler you start your next round with (because it’s handier to account for by the co-GM), which may or may not be your current ruler.
    Good luck!
    Rules Alerts and Changes!
    • This is not a change, just a clarification: When you forfeit your claims to support someone else’s claim, that means all current claims that you had on a region are no longer valid. You will need to re-establish a claim, in some manner, before you can roll again. If your claim is based on Ideological reasons, and nothing has changed between rounds, you are still officially in support of the other player on Ideological grounds and cannot roll to claim the region yourself without creating some other reason… or if the region changes Ideologies and is converted back, your claim returns. Once you forfeit your claims, something must be significantly different before you can roll to press the claim again.
    • Acquiring a Claim through a Great Success Inquest on the same round as a Leader is changed - be it by player choice or through disastrous results - will allow the Claim to function for the next ruler. Claims created with Establish Claim rolls will be on a case-by-case basis when it comes to a Leader change on the same turn as the Claim is established, subject to GM Review. Please alert a GM if you feel that your Claim should continue.
    • Acquiring a region through Claims or Conquest will require you to write-up the region for approval in the OOC Thread. A good rule of thumb is within 4 IRL weeks of acquiring the region for your deadline; after that, the GM Team will start making the unwritten region go through different stages of instability. This is not a change to the rules, but it is something that all players should be aware of. See the OOC Thread for more details.
    • Time until Resource Requirements will be reviewed by the GM Team:
      Last Round
      At the start of round 5, the GM Team will review the Resources available. Effort to acquire the required resources will be taken into account for the ‘severity’ of determination of levels of unrest or other unique events from not having the required resources.


    The Gelean Republic may have had a mixed reputation galactically given their actions since the advent of GLD connected Axiom but none could deny they were a significant political force in their corner of the galaxy. The Geleans celebrate quadrupling their original stellar claims and Admiral Elizabeth is celebrated for heralding a new dawn for the Gelean people. (D10 used; GLR becomes a Galactic Power! GLR may now take a 6th action each round)

    Mier Formica’s rapid war capabilities and diplomatic engagements have seen the hive mind expand incredibly rapidly throughout their sextant slice of Axiom. With one of the largest demesnes in the modern era the Formicans quickly realize their gains and consolidate them transforming from a mere stellar power to one of galactic proportions. (D10 used; MFM becomes a Galactic Power! MFM may now take a 6th action each round)

    Symbraum from UPT have mastered the means of infiltrating and convincing alien populations their best bet lay with joining in ‘symbiotic’ partnership with the slug-like brain parasites. The formal training instituted under Director Zal M’ell is permanently codified in UPT law entrenching this means of expansion within the stellar power’s repertoire. (D10 used; UPT makes Parasitic Puppeteers CI (2d8 on Claims) Permanent)

    The Dipanan Collected Nations reach out their nearest galactic neighbor, the ever-warring Kryptids, offering a hand of peace to this realm in conflict. The Casrule receive the bulk of DCN attention and the human nation-states seem poised to involve themselves more directly in the Kryptid conflict from their diplomatic outpost in alien territory. (D5 used; DCN creates an Embassy with KCW.)

    Officially marked as some manner of intergalactic humanitarian oversight the Sublime People’s Republic seeks to establish a permanent envoy within the Lyrae system from which they can address important political matters with the luminary-led Lyraens. Official grounds for the embassy are broken on the prison planet of Lyrae III, an unusual choice of location but nevertheless closer than the two powers had ever previously been. (D5 used; SPR established an Embassy with LYR. )

    Eyes of the Horizon sought to expand their political landscape not only north across the Core with the conversion of the Geleans but now to their south as they reached out to the Celenian Republic to found a permanent embassy among the ultranationalist human faction. The establishment of the “Soul of Man” mystic outpost would almost certainly facilitate greater understanding between the two stellar powers. (D5 used; EHZ creates an Embassy with CEL.)

    From human to human-enough the Celenian Republic extends a formal diplomatic hand to the nearby Ninurtine Empire. It was known that Celenian entertainment networks had informally promoted imperial dogma in regards to their conflict with the most assuredly not human Syndrome but the formalizing of diplomatic relations marked the first open gesture of friendship from an official state organ swiftly followed by a declaration of defensive alliance between the two powers. (D5 used; CEL creates an Embassy with NUT.)

    After a careful measurement of the galaxy following the Doorway Incident the Etherites deduce their best chance at survival and prosperity was to become a mercantile force in Axiom. The galaxy had many strange and wondrous discoveries to offer the curious risk taking investor and the Etherites enshrine a doctrine of strong fiscal policy supportive to the economic expansion of their realm. (D5 used; ETH establishes a Cultural Identity Acquisition Paradigm, 2d8 on Buyouts)

    The Harmony had grown quite adept at its Harmonization procedure since opening up greater Axiom. Formal protocols are laid out and lessons learned through practice are enshrined in guidelines for the future. The Harmony was many and it was one, this truth would spread quickly throughout the galaxy. (D5 used; HMY establishes a Cultural Identity Accelerated Harmonization, 2d8 on Pressing Claims)

    Taking up the quest of the Star Heart the Vilari Sodality quickly becomes the first state backed force pushing for the reunification of the powerful arcane gem. The Vilari’s arrival in the system draws much attention and their diplomatic customs afford them the opportunity to align with the locals on their worlds, themselves possessors of a number of Star Heart fragments. Quickly the Sodality becomes the largest centralized force within the region prompting many powerful wizards to go into hiding with their own pieces of the powerful gemstone while others seek to join the Vilari for a chance to see the arcane power of the system restored in full. (VLS successfully presses a claim on P6. 1/1. VLS gains 1 Unit of Wizards!)

    The local populace of rubies are intrigued by the strange alien visitors who come bearing such unique and powerful magic. Five of the pocket sized ruby gods agree to cooperate with the Conclave while the sixth refuses and retreats to an island refuge with his personal Ruby army isolating himself and preparing to one day rise against his brethren and the Conclave. The general consensus among the allying five is that eventually the sixth will come around and if not his was easily the weakest faction of the six. With the support of these rubies the Conclave receives formal recognition of their sovereignty over the sector. (CBS successfully presses a claim on H8. 1/1. CBS gains 1 Unit of Ruby Giants!)

    With the labor crisis solved through peaceful means Communicator Bulbous Jellyfish takes a tour through region I9 where the meched mushroom had attained something of a celebrity status. The provision of new non-intelligent drones to carry out menial labor without resorting to local leadership’s policies of memory wipes and forceful reprogramming has enchanted the populace with the Communicator and the Kombuch more generally. Swiftly Jellyfish’s tour transforms into that of a touring head of state and mounting political pressure sees local administrators surrender ultimate sovereignty to the mushroom liason in the hopes the Kombuch's peaceful and prosperous means of problem solving will endure and serve the region well on this new galactic stage. (Diplomacy Resolution used. KBC successfully presses a claim on I9, 1/1.)

    The Sublime People’s Republic offering reconstructive aid to the scattered remnants of the crystalized sector proves the SPR’s commitment to the local populace and quickly the survivors rally around the crimson banner to proclaim their loyalty to a potential savior. A new People’s Republic is set to be officially declared in the coming months as the remnant populace as well as the Cosmic Couriers are integrated into the new ruling schema of the region. (SPR successfully presses a claim on T6. 1/1.)

    The Rocthurhi were no strangers to making diplomatic overtures at this point in their history having aided the SPR in multiple peaceful expansions up to this point. It is perhaps no surprise then when the Rocthurhi manage to rig up such a massive show of sonics and lights glorifying the One and the Rocthurhi’s place within the grand tapestry that natives in the nearby region eagerly seek to add their voices to the chorus which contained the Rocthurhi. (RTH successfully presses a claim on T12, 1/1.)

    The Formicans seize upon the opportunity presented to them by the unbaked halfling scientists promising to fund their research into eliminating the psychoactive properties of the regional rainbow carrots but only after they had impressed upon the baked halflings that they were now subjects to Mier Formica. A grand show of laser lights, alien music, and omnipresent propaganda quickly instills an understanding among the native burnouts that they had won the galactic lottery and were now under the care of one of the greatest galactic powers of the modern day. The natives seem to think this state of affairs is “totally groovy” and “far out” which the Formicans accept as their formal agreement to join Mier Formica. (Diplomacy Resolution; MFM successfully presses a claim on C19, 1/1.)

    After years of political maneuvering, the addition of the Unity Guard Assembly, and relocation of Morning Bloom to this sector SPR diplomats finalize plans to bring the former cold war sector of space into the SPR’s sphere of influence. A ceremony of disarmament marks the end of formal hostilities between the two rival powers in this sector with the planetary defense platforms decommissioned and absorbed into the arsenal of the Red Fleet. (SPR successfully presses a claim on T8. 2/2. SPR gains 1 Unit of Sneetch & Giesel Weapon Platforms!)

    Neo-Greens supporting Syndrome cooperation carry out vicious beatings of their Purist opponents in the halls of arcology governments and the mysterious deaths of Purist supporters soon sees the Greenshirt movement completely brought into line with Syndrome thought. Xenophobic opinions regarding the Syndrome are erased from the Party Line replaced with intensified responsibility towards the conservation of nature not only on the homeworld but galaxy-wide using any means possible to promote ecological survival. The brutal squad of secret police who had early on fallen under Syndrome sway pledge their service to their new overlords hopeful for the opportunity to bash the skulls of lesser races unfit to pollute the beautiful worlds existing in greater Axiom. (SYN successfully presses a claim on S23, 2/2. SYN gains 1 Unit of Greenshirts!)

    Negotiations with the “Floober” natives concludes with their agreement to integrate their governance with that of the Vilari Sodality. The Dyson Sphere which housed the locals is to remain under Floober administration but this government will in turn recognize the Sodality as their galactic protector and representative for matters involving other stellar powers. (VLS successfully presses a claim on R6, 2/2. VLS gains 1 Unit of Angry Floobers!)

    The Ndoda succeed in pressing the nightmare-plagued natives to meet the deadline set in previous years for the full integration into Ndoda space. Ndoda promises made to alleviate the nightmares plaguing the region have yet to materialize but the locals are desperate and willing to accept promises where before they had nothing. (NDA successfully presses a claim on D22, 2/2.)

    Formican diplomats and engineer drones sent by the queen to resolve the Gigashrimp problem have guided their queen to a partial solution that should allow Mier Formica to exert control over the region until a more permanent solution such as the Refinery is put into place. The Formicans have bred a new type of drone whose synaptic communication lobe is attuned to the gigashrimp population’s brain waves allowing Formican presence to exert limited control over the monstrous sea creatures ending the threat of unforeseen rampages and adding a cabal of the sea monsters to the Formican arsenal. (MFM successfully presses a claim on C15, 2/2. MFM gains 1 Unit of Gigashrimp!)

    Though much disputed by the original explorers eventually negotiations settle and the Conclave of the Black Sun manages to peacefully annex galactic sector F10 without interception by Melfynian attack cruisers. Tal-Amanyk engineers swiftly salvage the more whole intact crystalline scrap heaps and restore them to basic functionality before installing GLD and modern weapon systems. (CBS successfully presses a claim on F10, 2/2. CBS gains 1 Unit of Salvaged Ships!)

    Negotiations over ownership of the, still incomplete, Greatest Diner in Axiom conclude between Tal-Amanyk and local chefs leading to the finalization of treaties specifying galactic sector F8 as belonging to the growing Conclave demesne. (CBS successfully presses a claim on F8, 2/2.)

    The Rocthurhi begin attempting to integrate the mysterious sector scouted by the Knights Vacio some years prior having turned the populace towards the One’s all-encompassing embrace. Even SPR support cannot speed the process but negotiations do appear to be going somewhere with the planetary representatives reached by Rocthuri diplomats. (RTH successfully presses a claim on S11, 1/2.)

    Having spent the last few years promoting the ideals of the One all throughout nearby space the Tezh Consensus suddenly shifts from spreading the ideology they headed to seeking political dominion based in this shared system of understanding amongst their neighboring systems. The Tezh were certainly well recognized in their neighborhood of space and receive a welcome reception in each system they seek to negotiate with but local political leaders express some reservations about handing over their autonomy to such a philosophically centered state worried about matters of economic and military preparedness on the part of the Tezh. Reassurances are provided but it will likely take some time to convince the locals of the Consensus' capability as sovereign. (TZH successfully presses a claim on V12, 1/2.)
    (TZH successfully presses a claim on U13, 1/2.)
    (TZH successfully presses a claim on W13, 1/2.)
    (TZH successfully presses a claim on V16, 1/2.)

    Leveraging their role in the eviction of Proxos through diplomatic means the Alysians begin impressing upon their wand crafting neighbors the benefits of aligning themselves with the Eternal Assembly. With no Etherite interference forthcoming it appears the Alysians would be the most viable candidate for stellar protector although the natives keep negotiations paced and do not run over eager into the arms of the Alysians. (EAA successfully presses a claim on J26, 1/2.)

    The recently organized Realtaist church had expanded offworld far more rapidly than the Meritocracy government it had incubated in. As such when Meritocracy and Realtaist officials arrived in a nearby star system to begin diplomatic negotiations they find themselves welcomed by fellow faithful and assaulted with questions about the divine twins back in the Bespéartha system. Requests for journeys back to Bespéartha to witness the holy stars overwhelms the diplomatic envoy stalling but far from snuffing diplomatic outreach. (TMC successfully presses a claim on E11, 1/2.)

    With the support of a major political leader Harmonization begins in earnest in this sector as more and more are brought in line with the grand working that was the Harmony. Some in this system are still suspicious of the Harmonized believing them to be alien puppets attempting to steal the underground realm’s freedoms but many more see the opportunity presented in cooperating with the Harmony and allowing the dark energy beings to represent their star system on the galactic stage. Debate rages on but the Harmony seem confident with enough time they can win the populace over. (HMY successfully presses a claim on C21, 1/2.)

    Although having failed in previous years to make headway with the nearby white stone moon settlements another attempt at opening dialogue regarding integration in the wake of additional actions by other nearby powers sees the locals more receptive to Lyraen integration and Lyrae is granted a spot at the negotiation table. (LYR establishes a Claim on O11!)

    Seeking diplomatic expansion the Alysians dispatch an important member of the Eternal Assembly to integrate among the powerful Dust psions inhabiting the system to their east. The assigned Alysian speaks highly of the natives abilities to manipulate the world around them thanks to their Dust and praises their ability to maintain their youth but questions in her reports the efficacy of expanding warm climates to allow greater population over curbing population to fit the existing cooler climates of their homeworld. For their part the Dust psions seem intrigued by the Alysian perspective and willing to learn more, perhaps even joining with their galactic neighbors. (EAA establishes a Claim on L24!)

    Seeking to ingratiate themselves further with their developing business partner the masters of Eyes of the Horizon dispatch a semi-permanent attache to the newest Courier Relay to act as ears and voice for the Eyes. The Couriers seem willing to cooperate with their new benefactors and provide adequate space for the Eyes to stay and make petitions to the local Courier group. (EHZ successfully raises reputation with CmC from 0 to 1.)

    Eyes of the Horizon concludes their work attracting a Relay to galactic sector O21 to the joy of the Cosmic Couriers who now had a stronger foothold along the galactic southern border. The Eyes defer any material payment for their work on the bio-mechanical Relay earning them greater respect among the Couriers. (EHZ successfully attracts a CmC Relay to O21, using their earned Favor to increase rep from 1 to 2)

    Suddenly the Syndrome express an interest in the Sisterhood of Silence despite their recent aligning with the Rothuun. The Sisters appear cautious about befriending an ally to the violence prone minotaurs but believe perhaps the Syndrome will give them a means to indirectly influence the Rothuun away from their anti-sisterhood path. (SYN raises reputation with SoS from 0 to 1.)

    The curious Duenem make diplomatic contact with the Sisterhood of Silence offering their words of encouragement and alms to support the order’s mission earning them a place of minor favor among the quiet nuns. (DNM raises reputation with SoS from 0 to 1.)

    Despite the lack of actual trade between the Harmony and the Couriers the non-corporeal inhabitants of the western spiral have been consistent guests and hosts at and for CmC functions for nearly half a decade. The Harmony’s polite attentiveness does not go unnoticed by the Couriers who speak well of the ethereal beings. (HMY successfully raises reputation with CmC from 2 to 3.)

    Harmony courtship of the Sisterhood continues and in a time where friends were lacking this friendship is deeply appreciated. Lingering concerns over Harmonization’s possible forced integration into a single existence are brushed aside to instead embrace the Harmony as something akin to a living expression of the One’s truth. (HMY successfully raises reputation with SoS from 2 to 3.)

    In some form of delayed dowry former Chairman now Prince Consort Vaou manages to pull enough strings back home to clear Droccen’s current Sisterhood debt through the cashing out of the Republic’s own favor with the monastic order. (SPR pays DCC’s 1 Favor debt to the SoS)

    Syndrome supply fleets flood the newly annexed Stormwrack solidifying the at-risk outposts established in the system by its new galactic owners. While being stationed in such a risk-prone, organism-poor, metal-rich system is still seen as something of a punishment for Syndrome engineers it is no longer considered a death sentence lessening the chance of rebellion over assignment there. (SYN successfully stabilizes Stormwrack (S19)!)

    Compliant Dulcer kings pledge their fealty to the Ninurtine Empire while remaining holdouts face execution or banishment from their homeworlds. In a short span of months nearly the entirety of Dulcer-claimed worlds flew the Ninurtine banner above their own and imperial rule became a recognized fact of life that was only disputed by the foolish. (NUT successfully stabilizes the Suturin Starfield (U25)!)

    As new colonists and explorers from the Dipanan Collected Nations follow into the Hoop Breach system behind the initial forays of discoverers and conquerors they bring with them the infrastructure and demand for attention that helps secure this new holding in the name of the Council. While political machinations continued amongst the old nation-states and the new colonies for now the Hoop Breach is recognized and attended to bringing peace and prosperity to the annexation. (DCN successfully stabilizes the Hoop Breach (L28)!)

    Having sent colonists to Erebus the Celenians had to deal with the occasional pirates attacking their prospectors. While it has not completely stopped Consul Maximilian Relor worked out a deal with several crews of the former Jackstar Free Union to come act as defenders of the region and a form of peace is established within Erebus. (CEL successfully stabilizes the R24!)

    Rocthurhi means of suppressing ideological dissent is shared with the nearby SPR who adopts the majority of Rocthurhi policies as their own insulating the People’s Republics from philosophical influence contrary to that endorsed by the state. (RTH shares “Requires Verification” with the SPR.)

    With copious aid granted to the completion of the Roaming Star miniseries starring the luminary Proxos a feature length film, audio companion, and novelization is released by the Cosmic Couriers detailing the living star’s remarks and observations of dozens of star systems from the enigmatic Syndrome to the incredibly open Grymlans. The documentary proves quite popular across Axiom rocketing to the top of numerous best-seller lists across the galaxy and spurring a rapidly developing space tourism industry. The sudden attention paid to sponsoring powers prominently featured in the miniseries brings with it ample funds which, while liable to level out with time, gives the sponsoring stellar powers a chance to invest more freely with the excess funds. The attention also draws investors to the advertised systems seeking wealth in the wondrous industries showcased by Proxos’ tour as well as tourist focused developing industries like hospitality and gift shops. (SYN, GLR, EHZ, & OwO help CmC complete Roaming Star miniseries! Each receive +1 Rep with CmC! In addition each receives +2 on all Buyouts for Round 6 while their owned regions (K7, K9, L8, L10, N18, O21, P14, P16, R22, S19, & S21) have ZoI penalties for buyouts reduced by one step for Round 6!)

    Within region L22, the Eternal Assembly of Alysia works to complete the local’s long standing Crystal Mines. Reportedly, this has been in the works for over twenty galactic years, but the Alysians come in with vastly superior technology and manage to complete what remains in a little under half a year. While recently conquered, the locals are very impressed!
    (EAA completes Crystal Mines Great Project in L22! {CHOICE} EAA may use a non-action this round to determine the effects of the Great Project for the region and gain a +2 to their next attempt to a Buyout in L22 ((OR)) EAA may spend an Economy action to ask the locals to use the Crystal Mines as another source of [Energy Crystals], increasing the region’s TPs to Good with EAA in control of TP2, but increasing the TN to resolve the current Unrest by +1.)

    Through skillful diplomacy, careful negotiations, and just general good natured feelings, the Vilari Aid Station completes within region M23. The region is quite peaceful and thankful to all involved in setting things up. Specifically, the Eye of the Horizon and the Sublime People’s Republic are lauded with praise! As for the Vilari Sodality? Their kindness does not go unnoticed. Within the sector of space that the Casrule Movement has claimed, it is not uncommon to see Kryptids whom follow the Way of the Tides… and whom try and be kind to others for no reason other than to be kind. It is a step forwards towards possible lasting peace among the Kryptids.
    (VLS, EHZ, & SPR complete the Vilari Neutral Aid Station Great Project! M23 recies a +1 bonus to resolve or resist Unrest. The region is converted to the Way of the Tides. EHZ has a Claim on the region, as though they had previously owned it. SPR has a Claim on the region, as though they had previously owned it.)

    Through skillful negotiation tactics, and careful mediation, the Vilari Sodality manages to quell the solar civil war they found in sector Q5… for now. The Telenites are quite pleased to have a reprieve, but the Yundar hunger for Mercury, and require it immediately if the cease fire is to last… (VLS successfully calls a cease fire on the war between the Telenite Defenders and Yundar Hungerers in region Q5. VLS must supply the Hungerers with a source of Mercury during Round 6, or the war will resume. VLS must locate an alternative source of Mercury - or a substitute - before the start of Round 9, or the war will resume. Success will result in rewards. Failure will result in the region being unclaimable by the Vilari until a new leader is selected after the failure occurs.)

    Seeking to capitalize on economic gains in the realm of politics the Etherites debut a new form of political manipulation and exertion of control. Utilizing communication provided by advanced electronics the Etherites mainstream the notion of advertisements as a means to pay for and invest in production. Branding becomes the name of the game as acquiring a majority stake in regional production afforded an aspiring claimant to flood their political program into the public consciousness allowing an economic means of competing for authority within and over a region. Responses from non-GLD space-capable governments who hear of this development range from fear of economic coups to eager willingness to accept strong stellar power currencies in exchange for their regional political endorsement. (ETH introduces technology Trade League! Effect: If a player owns two or more TPs in a region that is adjacent to one of their own regions, they gain a Claim on that region. Requires: Electronics)

    Celestia Enterprises was determined to become the first pan-galactic interstellar corporation with a reach the width of Axiom. To further this goal their already impressive broadcasting technology is enhanced and carefully placed in coordinated positions throughout systems they had embedded trading outposts in linking the corporate giant’s holdings in one big web of ad campaigns and branding. Once Celestia Enterprises had sunk their investment dollars in a regional product they were more certain than ever to keep it thanks to this advent in technologically enhanced advertisement transforming their brand into a household name the galaxy over. (CLS introduces technology Long-Range Advertising Campaigns! Effect: Reduces ZoI by one step for defending against buyouts. Requires: Broadcasting Tech)

    While physical coinage was considered outdated in many stellar societies the Duenem seek to reintroduce the concept of inherent value to the money used in their system which with the advent of interstellar exchange finds some purchase among the galactic merchant class. The ability to convert alien currency into its base components or exchange it for a portion of a major alien manufacturing product and for those components to have equivalent value to their purchasing power sees Duenem currency begin to value out less easily transferable money from other stellar powers. Some economists suggest this reversion to a physical currency is backwards and savage while others insist it was inevitable in an age lacking a centralized bank or monetary policy to unite a galaxy filled with those looking to do business without being forced to accept mere debits and credits for their work. (DNM introduces technology Galactic Currency Mint! Effect: +1 to buyouts. Requires: Any precious mineral + Any other resource)

    Following in the footsteps of the Guild-Empire of Nyx the Dipanan Collected Nations invest heavily in the magically gifted sorcerers under Kryptid dominion importing the sorcerers to serve the DCN council. With ties between DCN and the Casrule growing closer diplomatically as well as economically many observers expect greater and greater cooperation to foster between the two stellar powers. (E5 used; DCN increases the quantity of M23 [Sorcerers] from Good to Great, and claims ownership of TP3.)

    At last able to satisfy the Combine’s demand for new energy resources Grymlan merchants under the direction of OwO invest in the Dark Energy dilution processes operating nearby. These newly expanded facilities devote a major portion of their production back to Cloudysea for utility and distribution by the Combine’s corporate governance. (E5 used; OwO increases the quantity of Q13 [Diluted Dark Energy] from Good to Great, and claims ownership of TP3.)

    Reaching out across the galaxy through independent Grymlan contractors the Church of Iteus manages to stake a significant claim in the Space Whaling business ministered by the Grays of the Aurora System. A number of the massive stellar fauna begin to be imported to Itea where they are studied for the adapted capability to survive in the vacuum of space. (E5 used; ITS increases the quantity of Aurora System (L10) [Space Whales] from Good to Great, and claims ownership of TP3.)

    Seeking to fulfill their material shortages within the Dyson Sphere Kombuch spores are carried to Brighthollow Expanse where they bond with a small subset of natives. These mushroomed Stalkers are then directed by the gestalt consciousness they join into in means and methods of more effectively harvesting the cast of Angel Wings famous to the region’s black hole orbiting planet seriously enhancing the efficiency of collection. These surplus wings are shipped back to the Cacola Void where they are transformed into fourth-dimensional building blocks of near limitless material with which to repair and improve the Sphere. (E5 used; KBC increases the quantity of K7 [Angel Wings] from Good to Great, and claims ownership of TP3.)

    At last fulfilling demands back in Amanyk for power supplies the Conclave of the Black Sun secures a steady shipment of nearby Unstable Dark Energy from the recently Kombuch annexed system to their galactic north. Kombuch administrators attempt with varying degrees of success to promote this purchase as foreign investment brought to the new synthetic inhabitants thanks to their alliance with the mushrooms. (CBS successfully buys H6 [Unstable Dark Energy] TP1)

    Hoping to foster positive economic relations with their nearest neighbor the Ndoda purchase a claim in the Perinye Debris Field of Harmony claimed space. The mysterious transferal medium known as Harmonized Dark Matter was primarily used as a means of Harmonic expansion but the Ndoda believe the strange violet mist may be capable of further utility by non-Harmonic beings. (NDA successfully buys C23 [Harmonized Dark Matter] TP3)

    Additional Iridium deposits are claimed by Ndoda merchants bringing the majority of the Spider Sentinel guarded material under Ndoda control. Energy and simple trade goods are exchanged to the independent drones allowing relatively safe passage for Ndoda merchants throughout the system. (NDA successfully buys D20 [Iridium] TP3)

    While much focus in the Aurora System was placed on the massive investment of Church of Iteus funds into expanding the whaling program a more humble bid by the Nyxians secures them a stake in the existing whaling operations. The massive space creatures are soon a regular sight to be encountered in Guild space. (GEN successfully buys L10 [Space Whales] TP2)

    By royal decree of SPACE KING the Knights Vacio are tasked with a most noble quest: buy a bunch of cool sh*t! Lackeys of SPACE KING quickly seek to fulfill their latest mandate, a third journeying nearby P10 to duck under the radar of the Knights’ old enemies in the hopes of securing cargo holds full of cannibliss. A few more old school paladins seek glory infiltrating the tower of Q9 to fetch a lock or seventy of the golden hair of the hidden princess. The most brave or perhaps foolhardy venture to R8 where they cut down shambling zombies to extract the arcanely empowered psychic spirals present in the region.
    (KNV successfully buys Q9 [Golden Hair] TP1)
    (KNV successfully buys P10 [Canniblis] TP1)
    (KNV successfully buys R8 [Psychic Spirals] TP1)

    Unwilling to disturb their oligarchic allies in the realm of media production but desiring a reliable import of mercenary capable soul-enchanted fighters the Commonwealth of Zara dispatched purchasing agents to the Droccen homeworld to negotiate for a contract to import a steady supply of Guardians to their system. With the wealth of the Commonwealth the deal is almost as good as done the moment they touch down and only formalities push the negotiations into week three before a deal is signed and Guardians begin making regular sojourns to Commonwealth territory. (CWZ successfully buys Sui Generis (G19) [Guardians] TP1 from DCC)

    Desperate to acquire fauna to satiate the ecumenopolis’s dire shortage the Droccen contract with the Cosmic Couriers to acquire a stake in the Cagun’s froglegs franchises. Courier powers of persuasion were adept at navigating the contentious local rivalries turning competitors against one another such that joining with the CmC seemed the only viable option to survive and win. In no time at all the Couriers possessed a controlling interest in the worldwide Operatic Frog rearing and preparing industries, a control they exchange to the Droccen Imperium shortly thereafter in exchange for the promise of a favor owed. (DCC via CmC successfully buys out F22 Operatic Frogs TP1!)

    While war with the Conclave possessed the majority of Melfynian attention a portion of their efforts were diverted towards economic exchange with the powerful Formican power nearby. Importation of Bos 2 Sap Trees satiates the Melfynian desire for flora allowing the aquatic species to forget about their economic troubles just in time to grow concerned over brand new political troubles with their nearby powers. (MFM gifts Formica (D16) [Sap Trees] TP1 to MYA!)

    The newly enlightened Biotumblers have been gaining extragalactic knowledge at an unprecedented rate thanks to Duenem upgrades to their code and access to the Duenem’s Gravity Latch Drives. These geneticist AIs quickly grow fascinated with tales of biological study conducted by the Syndrome not far from their steward-worlds and accumulate sufficient pressure to launch an exchange program with their biological counterparts of their own accord. Costing the Duenem nothing the Biotumblers equip GLD ships with messengers from their most prominent biomes and dispatch them to Heart-Beacons where they exchange their biological studies for the consulting services of the Syndrome Genetic Engineers. (DNM gains Heart-Beacons (S21) Genetic Engineers TP3! SYN gains Puot System (V22) Biotumblers TP1!)

    Rhigas Don, the Most Curious, has been uncovered by the Federated Churches of Origin’s End. God-Speaker Androgynous-Foreigner Allchurch Spire-Scar-Heights deems this the sign from the OA that the Church of Rust must spread further and farther then ever before; both to sate the curiosity of the newly discovered Revered One and to also help others learn, and perhaps, become a step closer to inventing their own gods...
    (FCO organizes Church of Rust! LC 5 bonus set as +1 to Conversion to Church of Rust. LC 10 bonus set as Rapid Reclamation CI 2d8 on pressing Claims)

    Realtaist power had been growing exponentially under the supposedly atheist Meritocracy and nowhere is this contradiction more evident than on Bespéartha where Realtaist priests formally organize into an assembly which swiftly takes authority over the Mysterium project. This flagrant religious display of strength has many up in arms over Marshal Galen’s failure to curb the church’s power. (TMC creates a Realtaist Assembly in C11!)

    Among the arcane practitioners and superstitious locals the Vilari promote their ethos embodied in the Way of the Tides. Long has the region been a shattered scattering of factions and individuals each pursuing the same goal but lacking unity in their means. Communal ideals of solidarity and cooperation to ease the terror of the Star Heart’s brokenness overcome the divides among the wizards and natives unifying them with the Vilari in a dedication to a common goal. (VLS successfully converts P6 to The Way of Tides)

    With help from the Tezh and local support from the Republic of Celes, the Rocthuri bring the tenets of the One to Celenian space. While not breaching the Republic’s capital the One’s message does resonate and spread throughout one of the Celenian’s outlying sectors of space. (RTH successfully converts R24 to The One)

    Curious about the gestalt psychic consciousness discovered by the Vilari Rocthurhi sociologists journey to the system to observe the curious psychic spirals and make their own observations of the natives. While a version of self-deifying thought similar to that of the Kamasati pervaded the system the arrival of One-adherent Rocthurhi prompts an internal reevaluation by the many numbered mind. Just as many individuals came together to create an intelligent star system the One posited an even greater whole than this, of which the gestalt consciousness was merely a piece. This idea of a greater gestalt than their own intrigues the natives and the Rocthurhi find themselves flying, carefully, all throughout the spiralling system to share their broadcasts on the One’s ideology. (RTH successfully converts R8 from Kamasati to the One)

    An attempt by the Rocthurhi to bring the Lyraens into the fold of the One is noticed and met by the Grymlans who make a far more compelling, at least to the Lyraens, case for embracing OwO. The emphasis on unity and singular purpose promoted by the One clashes and ultimately loses to the valuation of discovery and exploration of the unknown fostered by OwO’s curious guidance. The old Lyraens system enshrined in the Three Values falls out of favor leaving many former advocates languishing for lack of adherents and forcing many to seek new professions and ideologies to devote themselves to.(OwO successfully converts Lyrae (O9) from Three Values to OwO; The Three Values has till the start of Round 8 to re-convert O9 or be lost to history...)

    Clearly displeased with the Church of Rust’s expansion near their borders agents of OwO seek to push back the Rass’s sponsored ideology in favor of OwO’s embrace. Network hubs are linked up through the system connecting OwO’s artificial consciousness to the locals and spamming them with conversion adverts until the tenets of the Church of Rust are looked upon as nothing more than a passing fad. (OwO successfully converts Q13 and Q15 from Church of Rust to OwO)

    With the forging of a pact between Rothuun, Syndrome, and Iteus the ascendance gospel of Iteus is accepted by the three signing powers as the truth to be adhered to by their powers. The Church of Rust which had won the hearts of some more mechanically minded minotaurs is forced out by the Urhtuun’s endorsement of Iteus. Seeking sainthood through invention becomes a passe activity for nerds while real minotaurs seek to become such potent vessels of flesh and fury as to seek ascension to the godhood promised as within reach by Itean priests. (ITS successfully converts Taurina I (Q19) from Church of Rust to Church of Iteus)

    Seeking to ingratiate themselves with the insectoid inhabitants of the nearby system the Church of Iteus offers technological aid to the Cosmic Plumbers predicated on their acceptance of Itean ideological tenets. The Cosmic Plumbers appear to welcome this idea allowing the Church to establish an outpost among their icy worlds. (ITS successfully converts P24 to Church of Iteus)

    While the SPR worked to clear the existing Droccen debt to the Sisters another request from the Empress reached Dawn Embrace. This time the Sisterhood is to spread knowledge of the One to the nearby “cicada” system turning the locals towards a unifying ideology and a greater willingness to integrate peacefully with the Imperium. (SoS successfully converts G17 to the One. DCC owes SoS 1 Favor.)

    Wishing to unify their holdings not merely politically but ideologically Empress Sai pushes the Drocc cousins brought under her dominion through the royal marriage of her sister into their ruling class to adopt the One as their central philosophy. The artistic and agriculturalist natives find the One’s tenets of universalism and embraced diversity engaging in the concepts of such varied plants, animals, and modes of expression though they maintain a certain reticence about such beliefs necessitating the transformation of a planet into a mere means to support intelligent life as their sovereign cousins had done. (DCC successfully converts F18 to the One)

    Like torches of thought lighting the sky of the mind the Nine Lights is promoted throughout nearby star systems by wandering Nolkir wise men and women. Living gods with precepts casting a wide net of philosophical thought proves attractive to many denizens including the nearby litigators who view the Sphynxes as a form of ultimate judicial review on matters of deep ideological questions.
    (SVA successfully converts I23 to the Nine Lights)
    (SVA successfully converts J24 to the Nine Lights)
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    In a very public hand off the Rothuun minotaurs invite the Eradicators into their home system giving them a massive hotel and casino from which to make their services available to interior powers of Axiom. The newly appointed Commodore Voight takes up residency in the casino’s penthouse and Eradicator ships have become a far more common sight in and around Rothuun space. (RMT completes the ANE Base portion of the Nephret Hotel and Casino on Ikhal! ANE has a Base in Q19! RMT gains 1 Favor with ANE and Reputation increases from 0 to 1!)

    With the final piece of work on the Aurora Security Posts being completed by the Melfynians who chide the Geleans for breaching the Core the starfish power has but a moment to feel superior before they find themselves passing Eradicator ships bound for the newly completed outposts. A frantic series of messages soon reveals the Security Posts were not merely Gelean safety measures but in fact would serve as a standing outpost for the Eradicators. The Melfynians sent to help return home saddened and upset by the deception while in Aurora the presence of a strong military force, despite its allegiances, does much to calm the local populace. The bases’ Eradicator leader, Commodore Hollow, personally thanks Admiral Elizabeth for her cooperation and pledges that together Geleans and Eradicators will discover the mysteries of the Core. (GLR completes Aurora Security Posts Great Project! Aurora System (L10) remains Stable! Aurora Security Posts are revealed to be in part an ANE Base! GLR gains 1 Favor with ANE and Reputation increases from 2 to 3!)

    Upset over the Kronin’s apparent attempts to undermine Commonwealth control over their all-important broadcasting schedules agents of Zara violently seize major production facilities on Kronin redirecting durasteel production offworld. While the Kronin prided themselves on their military might the Commonwealth raiders did not engage in open warfare, striking from the shadows and crippling important civilian infrastructure to force the Kronin military into a defensive position that left the durasteel mines and forges underprotected allowing vast quantities of their product to be lifted by the Commonwealth. (CWZ successfully raids Kronin (E27) [Durasteel] TP1 from KRO)

    Thieves! Rass infiltrators are caught sneaking onboard the Supreme Justicar of Tal-Amanyk’s personal shuttle following her meeting with the Symbraum at the !Galactic Exchange! In an attempt to abscond with the, admittedly already once stolen, Library of Peace! Given it was UPT operatives who had stolen it from SPACE KING and the Knights Vacio leader’s close ideological relationship with the Federated Churches it was perhaps not especially surprising the attempt was made but nevertheless being caught was unique to the Churches in this back and forth game of fetch. (FCO is identified attempting to steal the Library of Peace!)

    The Eye of the Horizon is surprised by a refugee claiming to be someone of extreme importance. A valiant defender of his homeland, this humanoid with rabbit-like features struggles in from the Cosmic Courier relay recently created by the EHZ. His personal attack vessel in utter shambles, the refugee announces himself as Lord Hops, rightful ruler of his people and recently deposed by (in Lord Hops’s words) the vile Technocratic Caliphate that has been impugning upon his sovereignty for over four Galactic years. Lord Hops seeks allies to reclaim his homeland, but refuses to work with Kryptids and those who do not show the generalissimo proper respect. EHZ, EAA, DCN, and CEL are invited to help Lord Hops reclaim his rightful place!
    (The above Stellar Powers may spend a Diplomacy action to gain a Military 7 General, but must make an attack on region N26 and/or the KCW [specifically the Technocratic Caliphate] before the start of Round 8. In the event that two or more Stellar Powers wish to help Lord Hops, the highest Diplomacy roll wins, but also add your current number of Units to the roll.)

    The Jackstar Free Union is a collection of many different fashionable space traveling pirates venture capitalists. However, sometimes business can be very cutthroat. The Admiral council that makes up the Platinum level members of the JFU finds that their funding is slowly being cut as some unknown entrepreneurs are steadily taking over. Soon, the entire JFU is destabilized and seems to fall apart… what remains is unknown, though the Republic of Celes does receive some refugees. Other ships take a more mercenary approach, looking to work for the highest bidder, so long as they don’t have ties with the Eradicators...
    (The JFU is no more! Region P28 will need to be explored! CEL gains 2 Military Units, that can exceed their Military Cap, until the start of Round 8. These Units are always used up first in any engagements, and will desert if CEL enters a battle with 6 or more units.)
    (Other JFU units may be hired for an Economy action instead of a Military action by anyone during Round 6. Hiring the units counts as increasing the number of Military Units for your Stellar Power, and cannot exceed your normal Unit Cap. Only one such unit may be hired per Stellar Power. (4) total Units are available to be hired in this manner. Roll 2d6+Economy, and the highest 4 bidders will receive a Unit. Successfully hiring a Unit in this manner will reduce your Reputation with ANE by 1.)

    Whispers from the north of the Vilari and the Sublime People’s Republic suggest that there is an existing and established Stellar Power with some kind of Gravity Latch Drive - or similar technology - and they are not friendly...
    (VLS or SPR may perform an Intrigue Investigation action this round to discover more details to the rumors of a possible hostile Stellar Power to the north. A 12 or higher will provide information. An 18 or higher will reveal the exact source of the rumors.)

    Sectors D8 and C9 are attacked! Some unknown force obliterates the majority of the local defenders. Calls for aid go out to the Technocratic Meritocracy and the Unified Public Trust. Finding and destroying the attackers will go a long way towards these regions trusting the one(s) whom save them from further attacks.
    (D8 loses [2] Units. C9 loses [1] unit. Both regions are in Unrest. UPT and TMC are asked to help determine the cause of the attack. Investigation actions may be taken by either Stellar Power, with a TN of 10 to determine more information. TN 16 or higher will result in precise information. Gifting D8 or C9 one or more Units will provide support when pressing claims on the respective region. Finding and destroying the attackers will result in one or both regions providing a Claim on their regions. Resolving Unrest in either region before acquiring them may also result in rewards of some kind...)

    A Gelean fleet goes lost (and was possibly shot down!) during a routine border check along sector J10. Thought to be a non space capable or barely space capable civilization, the unexplored region was previously considered to be a non-threat. With the lost of the ship - and all of its advancements - the Geleans have reason to believe that the sector may be more of a threat then they first thought...
    (GLR loses a unit! The cause is unknown! Investigation actions will determine if this was an accident or deliberate! Region J10 seems dangerous… Exploration actions should be treated with caution. +2 difficult to explore the region with Economy or Philosophy. Diplomacy explorations will fail.)

    A rival faction within region S11 appears from the locals, and is reluctant to allow the Rocthuri to press their claim of sovereignty due to Ideological grounds. With significant enough push-back, the Rocthuri find that they must continue to argue their cause even when cooler heads would otherwise support them!
    (RTH 1/2 Claim on region S11 is in jeopardy! RTH must roll again this round to finish Pressing their Claim. Bonuses from Support of Claims still apply from previous rounds. TN 12 or higher to succeed! Failure does not lose the claim, but does start the pressing claim process again!)

    The Sisterhood of Silence is stunned by someone’s daring and skill. Important data regarding the Core regions - specifically, what the Sisterhood is guarding against - as well as the Organization's current total military forces, has somehow been stolen! Evidence implicating many different Stellar Powers throws things into disarray, and many guards are reportedly either dead or missing, and there is a great web of lies that the Sisterhood is only just now beginning to uncover.
    (Data about the Core has been stolen from the Sisterhood of Silence! The location of their Headquarters leaks, and becomes public knowledge, though the region’s information is still undiscovered! The Headquarters is in K15.)
    (The exact perpetrator is unknown, though the SoS is suspicious of the Tezh. TZH loses 1 Reputation with the SoS, and is now Disliked!)
    (The exact perpetrator is unknown, though the SoS is suspicious of the Droccen. DCC loses 1 Reputation with the SoS, and is now only a Friend rather than Ally!)
    (The exact perpetrator is unknown, though the SoS discover that the Svaatyr seem to have been helping the thief and trying to point fingers at the Sublime People’s Republic! SVA loses 1 Reputation with the SoS, and is now Disliked!)
    (The exact perpetrator is unknown, though the SoS discover that the Gelean Republic and the Dipanan Collected Nations seem to have been helping the thief and trying to point fingers at the Sublime People’s Republic! GLR already at Enemy! Reputation cannot go lower! DCN loses 1 Reputation with the SoS, and is now Disliked!)
    (The Sisterhood of Silence doesn’t believe it, but does receive slanderous information pointing at their [Rank 4] Silent Partner, the Melfynians. An investigation is called for!)

    An expedition of Ndoda merchants arrive in Harmony space completely unprepared for dealing with the noncorporeal scions of the Callers. A series of embarrassing gaffes regarding biological functions and correctly presenting their purchasing data in the standard galactic forum style leads a portion of the Harmony to believe the Ndoda were not in fact representatives of a stellar power but lost primitives cast into the great beyond and unaware of galactic politics. Taking mercy on the poor souls the leader of the expedition is Harmonized and only then does the Harmony realize these were the Ndoda’s trade representatives. The rest of the expedition is escorted back to the border of Harmony space and given very explicit and carefully detailed directions on navigating their way back home in the hopes the lizards won’t get confused and rocket into the core of a star or the side of a planet.

    The following Capitals go into Unrest due to a lack of their required resources. These Capitals have a good chance to enter Unstable if an attempt to acquire the resource does not occur this round...
    (B18 DRX
    C23 HMY
    E7 UPT
    G19 DCC
    K9 GLR
    N6 KSP
    N18 EHZ
    S15 FCO
    V8 DSD)

    Rothuun Minotaurs attempt to use the newly acquired Miracle Machines as fuel, but are finding that the machines - while able to work miracles - do not currently produce the needed fuel for powering Rothuun ships. Still, the attempt makes sense to other Rothuun, so in addition to the glorious battle near to their home sector, the average Minotaur is sated… for now.
    (RMT has till the start of next round to acquire a Fuel resource or their Capital will enter Unrest.)

    The Mier Formica make an effort to acquire the Electronics they so desperately need to adapt their ants further. Sadly, the attempt is not enough and ends in failure. The various queens in the home sector are unhappy, but because the attempt was made, are unified behind Tapinoma Mier to try once more, soon…
    (MFM has till the start of next round to acquire an Electronics resource or their Capital will enter Unrest.)

    The Commonwealth of Zara was troubled that they were unable to find a suitable Industrial Labor force, but thankfully - for Zara - the Guardians of Droccen are loyal to their charges. While it is effectively making a space knight plow a field, the Commonwealth does have it’s appropriate labor force. However, the Droccen Imperium has yet to react to this news. Worse, when they do find out, the first question asked is “Why can’t I watch that show?” and no one has the answer… (CWZ is stable, but DCC finds out that their Guardians are being used for manual labor.)

    The following regions go into Unrest due to a lack of interest from their leading governments…
    (OOC: Write-ups still requested…)
    (R10 KNV
    Q11 KNV)


    Built on a bedrock of war and conquest a new innovation is unveiled by the Kronin Empire to better facilitate their subjugation of neighbors. Armor for the Kronin soldier is upgraded by the King-General’s command integrating the new Enhanced Microplating perfected by his engineers of war. No doubt many stellar powers would desire to come into possession of this new battlefield equipment given its ready adaptability to utility by any state possessing a steady supply of hard metal. (KRO introduces technology Enhanced Microplating, Slot: Armor and Shields! Effect: +1 Battle Rolls, Requires: Hard Metal)

    "This is not war; this is pest control!" is a quote famously attributed to Lord Admiral Anguradeshib in regards to the Ninurtine conquest of the Violet Expanse from the Syndrome. Although most military historians knew the so-called “Exterminator in Purple” was more bluster than demonstrated tactician many of his subcommanders and soldiers express their genuine belief in their Admiral’s capabilities. The lord had proven popular at the royal court as well for his bellicose character and receives special recognition over the navy from the Emperor himself. (NUT recruits a Military 10 General, named “Lord Admiral Anguradeshib”)

    Sifting through the destruction of Celestia following the shutting off of the black hole generated at Prosperity’s End a military AI being developed at the same research base is discovered somehow both intact and more perplexing functioning with a small fleet of GLD capable warships already under its command. The researchers who escaped Prosperity’s End, namely those on vacation when the black hole opened up, claim this military AI codenamed “Ziplock” had never been fully activated nor was it believed to be completely functional. Nevertheless it was now and the synthetic mind offered itself and its resources to Celestia Enterprises, an offer they had little choice but to accept. (CLS recruits a Military 8 General, named Ziplock)

    A Hearthling master of considerable personal aptitude the newly appointed “Fire Lord” is pledged to lead aspirants and apprentices of Shadow & Flame in battle against the Eyes enemies. The Fire Lord is said to possess considerable physical strength as well as a deep connection with the Source which guides his battle meditations and war planning. (EHZ recruits a Military 7 General, named “The Fire Lord”)

    Though she was perhaps less seasoned than other officers competing for Master Marius’s attention Sorren Caxton Elien had a noble familial heritage of service to the Dawnstar Dominion and was herself quite popular among the rank and file for her fiery rhetoric and convicted attitude even in the wake of the tragedy that was the Great Foray. This support outweighs considerations of true tactical acumen as the Dawnstar sought to rebuild its fractured morale. (DSD recruits a Military 7 General, named “Sorren Caxton Elien”)

    Though able to avoid a war with the Conclave thanks to the pressures applied to both sides from other nearby stellar powers wishing to avoid being drawn into a war the Melfynians recognize that conflict may be inevitable. To this end Melfynian leadership seeks to groom capable military minds and place them in positions of power should the need arise for a tactical leader to direct Melfynian forces in the future. (MYA recruits a Military 7 General, named Bdeh Kekkles of the Dardee Cluster!)

    While SPACE KING had brought many of his fellow Vacio clone knights into his new era of rule there were a number of older loyalists to the previous Grand Master Mycella who found the ex-squire’s regimen of workouts and flexing sorely lacking compared to an age when they were black operative agents under a more focused leader. A number of older clone knights depart the Vacio systems and journey to Taurina I where they know they will be able to find the opportunity to fight and prove themselves worthy of carrying out dangerous and thrilling missions. Quickly the so-called “Black Knights” rise in fame among the fighting pits of Taurina and are admitted to join the Rothuun armies permitting they take minotaur squires to train up in their fighting style and the use of their technology. (RMT gains 1 Unit of Black Knights!)

    Claiming a noble purpose of quarantining the dangers of the Singing Fly Traps Droccen attack ships move into sector G21 forcefully bringing the region of space under Imperium control. Outsiders wonder just how much protection they needed from terrestrially bound plants but with no one to put up a fight or dispute the annexation it simply becomes a matter of legitimating the invasion through provision of supplies and a permanent presence in the region before the forward naval forces fully withdrew. (DCC successfully invades region G21! G21 is in Unrest!)

    Capitalizing on their perception as gods by the locals, a correct interpretation according to the Kamasati, the spiral dancers send a handful of their strongest psions to exert Kamasati control over the native populace. This brute display of force leaves some unnerved at the actions of these so-called gods but doubtless the Kamasati will prove capable of winning back the trust lost in this forceful annexation. (KSP successfully invades region M3! M3 is in Unrest!)

    With infrastructure aid in one hand and the threat of violent suppression in the other the Eternal Assembly pacifies nearby galactic sector L22. Displeasure ripples throughout the local population over their conquest but on a galactic scale all are forced to recognize the expansion of Alysian authority. (EAA successfully invades region L22! L22 is in Unrest!)

    Kryptid ships marked with the banner of the One High Maxim enter orbit above the rainbow sheathed plant in sector O23 with a few environment suited expeditions landing on the surface to carry out “negotiations” with the stranded aliens scraping by on the planet’s surface. With few other options the locals agree to recognize the Maxim’s authority over them but with explicit understanding that they be evacuated offworld. When this evacuation is slow to come over concerns regarding contamination the stranded people grow restless threatening to impact the Maxim’s ability to control this planet and greater sector. (KCW successfully invades region O23! O23 is in Unrest!)

    A peaceful, or perhaps simply naive, populace of space capables find their satellite ringed ice world suddenly surrounded by orbiting Unified Public Trust ships which broadcast on all frequencies the system’s “fortunate” annexation by UPT. The energy engineers below the icy surface decry this act as tyrannical while those who served the engineers seem a bit less perturbed by the reordering of society’s structure above them. Still, the UPT would be well served to address the engineer’s concerns before things got out of hand, especially with so much plutonium floating around. (UPT successfully invades region D6! D6 is in Unrest!)

    It seems in their first recognized conflict between pantheons the Kamasati prove less adept at combat than their rivals. Attempts by Prato Qain to force a speedy resolution through the capturing of the Thunderherder capital turn sour when entering the atmosphere of the Thunderherder homeworld puts the Kamasati at a disadvantage. Weather quickly turns against the Kamasati who until touching down had been overwhelming Targin Chab’s defenses and the mediocre general utilizes the climate to its fullest extent forcing the Kamasati to retreat offworld. (KSP fails to invade region O7!)

    KSP loses, 19 to 20

    Another push by the Technocratic Caliphate pays dividends as the noble defender of his homeland, at least that’s how he insists the history books under his control write things, Lord Hops sallies out to meet the invading Kryptids and his army is destroyed. With the Kryptids having secured entrenched positions in the region it quickly becomes apparent to the defenders their time was short. In only a few months the majority of the fighting is over and the occupation begins. Lord Hops, however, cannot be found among the dead… (KCW successfully invades region N26! N26 is in Unrest!)

    KCW wins, 19 to 12

    The Rothuun are not keen to tolerate rebellion and the bearmen of Baryshev find themselves facing nearly the full might of the minotaur forces. A brutal series of engagements in space, on the ground, and in the sky sees thousands of Ogatvezhiy lose their lives as they fight for their freedom from the tyrannical Rothuun. The selection of leadership among the Ogatvezhiy leads some Minotaurs to conclude this will be an easy fight but the vigor with which the Ogatvezhiy fight for their homeland surprises many. When the dust settles however Freedom Fighter Opnik lies dead and the forces rallied behind his leadership lie in shambles. Baryshev remains discontent with their overlords but this explicit show of strength has many reconsidering the efficacy of open rebellion against the minotaurs. (Baryshev (P18) fails to rebel against RMT! Baryshev (P18) is in Unrest!)

    RMT wins, 26 to 24

    With one of the largest modern militaries in Axiom the Svaatyr seek to annex the Sun Hounds roaming grounds through might. Unfortunately for the Svaatyr the Sun Hounds were quite protective of their space and even under the lackluster coordination of their current leader manage to repel the Theocracy from their space but not before the Theocracy broadcasts its messages regarding the Nine Lights to the region. Despite the animosity towards their would-be conquerors there does appear to be interest among the surviving Sun Hounds about learning more of the nine living gods and their chosen ideals. (SVA fails to invade region J24! Though unsuccessful in conquering the region, SVA messages regarding the Nine Lights spread through the region. SVA gains a +2 to Convert region J24 during Round 6.)

    SVA loses, 22 to 23
    SVA loses 2 units
    Defending Sun Hounds lose 2 units


    Through careful questioning of the connection to the Simulacrum that the Iteus uniquely possess, and delving deeply into the Orator Messaging System, the Church is able to determine more information about both the Light Additives and the Caller Network Key. Light Additives are a form of supplements that seem to have been placed into all the sources of light within the Axiom Galaxy. Connection with them is restricted to those with the Caller Network Key - a password of sorts, but potentially also a physical object - and provides a deeper understanding of the galaxy as a whole. The local Light Additives of Itean’s star are the easiest to research, but seem elusive and difficult to detect. After all, once you can look at light as a thing, how do you further analyze it? The avenue of research is one that seems like it would be a lengthy project, but might have useful results...
    (ITS investigates local ‘Light Additives’ and the Caller Network Key. ITS determines that an Intrigue Great Project is needed to fully analyze the Light Additives in the area. Completion of such a project would result in further information on the topic, and also may be the key in developing further technologies to do with Light Additives. The Caller Network Key would unlock this immediately, but it is difficult to determine where this is; if it even is a ‘where’ that can be found.)

    Celestian Enterprise ships, tired after a long grueling journey, find a magnetar encompassed by a dyson sphere. After nearly getting their possessions magnetized to the space station walls, the explorers are greeted by an unreasonably polite group of giant spiders. Refugees from a long destroyed world, the last remnant of this race has attempted to find salvation in a piece of long abandoned caller infrastructure. These largely ascetic spiders spend their days researching means to efficiently refine antimatter into more stable forms. (CLS discovers I19 which contains a [Good] resource of [Antimatter Refineries] & an Open Learning Center!)

    Patriots from the Dawnstar Dominion strike heroic poses before ambling into the eternal void. After weeks of searching, they find a planet ruled by an eccentric quadrillionaire, and self proclaimed “man of tomorrow” Neon Tusk, a strange being from across that stars that has used his cult of personality to found a utopia of free enterprise. Free from the eyes of undoubtedly jealous aliens, governments, and wizards, Neon’s cult has found a way to Hex Plate almost every material, leaving multiple biomes coated with the arcanely crafted ultra dense metal as ...technical demonstrations to potential investors. (DSD discovers W9 which contains a [Good] resource of [Hex Plating], 1 Unit of Mercenaries, & an Open Learning Center!)

    Dawnstar explorers come across a planet lined with giant spikes penetrating the atmosphere, giving the planet a visage resembling a sea urchin. The natives live in a series of villages balanced on the many giant spikes. It seems their main economic activity consist of mining out the spikes for their core of Gazmium, a common ore that has gravity defying properties. . (DSD discovers W7 which contains a [Great] resource of [Gazmium] & an Open Learning Center!)

    Dawnstar explorers find a world occupied by, the self proclaimed “saltiest race in the galaxy.” Upon landing on the planets vast salt flats, the explorers are almost immediately accosted by, bums, pundits, xenophobes and xenophiles all in unison demanding individual attention and growing discontented when moderately inconvenienced. Even the trio of red stars in the sky appears appear to be constantly scowling. Not helped by things is the production of Discordians which seem to be the only viable product created by the disgruntled populace despite only adding to their misery. (DSD discovers V10 which contains a [Great] resource of [Discordians], 4 units of Argumentative Armies & an Open Learning Center!)

    Dawnstar Dominion explorers, enthused at the success of their peers, blast off into the great beyond! It's not long before they find an inhabited world orbiting a blue star. Unfortunately it seems this world is surrounded by a thick semi-toxic cloud cover making communication with the natives fairly difficult. Beneath the clouds lay a violent hellscape of volcanoes, acid rain, and seemingly bottomless chasms. The humanoid population appears to be regularly harassed by demons who claim to be the true natives of this planet. Fortunately the humanoids have trained an elite unit of psychics called Mindbreakers, who use their immense psionic powers to power machines to fight the near constant onslaught of demons. In order to defeat the Demon menace once and for all the disparate groups of Mindbreakers need to be united. (DSD discovers U7 which contains a [Great] resource of [Mindbreakers], 3 units of Demons & an Open Learning Center! The Region is also home to the partially completed Great Project: Mindbreaker Academy 2/5 actions the end mechanical bonus to be determined by the player)

    Republic of Celes explorers find a series of hospitable temperate planets inhabited by a series of incredibly aggressive worms. The strange worms seem to excrete a webbing of razor thin titanium that they use to ensnare and rip prey to shreds. The forests of these planets are covered in Hairline titanium along with the skeletons of a wide variety of fauna. Nobody knows how these worms moved from one planet to another but various Celes conspiracy theorists have their own theories. Republic elites try to discourage the rabble from settling these pristine worlds until the worms have been brought under some semblance of control. (CEL discovers S29 which contains a [Good] resource of [Hairline Titanium], 2 units of Worms & an Ninurtine!)

    After months of searching for a largely empty sector Kronin ships come across a gigantic ocean world. While it initially seems rather idyllic the intense gravity requires...extraordinary methods to adjust. Luckily the Kronin are assisted by an intelligent species of giant crabs that are masters of biotechnology. The crabs are delighted to meet the new alien visitors, praying for deliverance from their aggressive lobster overlords. After the explorers are taken to the city of crablantis, they are presented with a container filled with autonomous Fertilized Actuators, to hopefully sway the Kronin.(KRO discovers F26 which contains a [Minor] resource of [Fertilized Actuators], 3 units of Lobster Guards & an Open Learning Center!)

    Not long after Zaran explorers contact the native inhabitants, only to find the militaristic Lobsters are in fact struggling against the Fertilized Actuator drones of the mad Crab scientists. While the Lobsters are on the brink of being overwhelmed they suggest a partnership with the Zaran’s that would guarantee the stability of Crablantis. (In addition to the above, CWZ discovers that Region F26 is also home to the partially completed Great Project: Crab Subjugation Ray 2/5 actions the end mechanical bonus to be determined by the player)

    Celes diplomats find a series of inhabitable moons surrounding a massive gas giant. Preliminary reports indicate that there was recently a thriving sublight civilization of humans occupying the area, until the red star that occupied the area was suddenly shifted to green by an unknown entity. Ever since the moons where bombarded by a mutagenic radiation that destroyed civilization, setting it back to a near-medieval level. Thanks to the radiation it seems as though full blooded humans are incredibly rare, replaced by a race of mutants lower in intelligence but stronger of back than their homo sapien predecessors. (CEL discovers S25 which contains a [Good] resource of [Mutants], 2 units of Super Mutants & an Open Learning Center!)

    Tezh probes find a series of planets that have been seemingly deformed by an unknown force. One of the inhabited planets appears to have a fairly explicit gigantic bite mark carved deep into its surface. Tezh evangelists find the inhabitants fighting among themselves in nuclear deserts and arid mushroom forests. Further reports reveal that this world was once home to a thriving industrialized civilization in perfect balance with their native environment. Things seemed fairly utopic until they attempted to renege on a deal with a flame breasted god. According to the local legends, after accidentally building the worst dive in Axiom instead of the greatest dive, the planet was partially devoured as punishment for the natives misdeeds. Unfortunately, the part of the planet devoured was the most developed, leading to a rather massive societal collapse. At the time of the Tezh arrival a group of natives have begun recovering due to the help of CMC investment in the incredibly valuable Broosewill Laces, using profits to build the Greatest Dive in the galaxy in a hail mary for redemption. (TZH discovers W15 which contains a [Great] resource of [Broosewill Laces] and a Learning Center Occupied by DDD! The Region is also home to the partially completed Great Project: Greatest Dive in Axiom 1/5 actions the end mechanical bonus to be determined by the player)

    Ndoda trade ships enter a nearby sector eager to find resources to exploit and denizens to do business with. Their excitement slowly wears off in the weeks and months to follow as no planetoids materialize and nebulas dominate the spacescape in place of any viable star systems. After almost two years of reconnaissance the merchant ships report back to their leaders that there appears to be nothing of note in the sector marking it as a potential region to cultivate in the direction desired by Ndoda leadership. (NDA discovers F20 which is an Empty Sector. See Exploration Rules for details on what can be done in this sector.)

    Droccen explorers search this sector of space for nearly two years only to find nothing of interest. What this area lacks in resources and natives, it has in asteroid fields long stripped of minerals and stars long gone supernova. Fortunately such a largely empty area leaves lots of potential for the new Empress to shape what remains to her will without interference. (DCC discovers F20 which is an Empty Sector. See Exploration Rules for details on what can be done in this sector.)

    After a year of exploring the cosmos, Etherite explorers come across an icy planet littered with neon cities trapped within climate controlled domes. Ruled by a technocratic oligarchy, the cities are patrolled by a group of cybernetic beings known as the Run Gunners, known for both their amazing speed, and their legs that can transform into various guns. (ETH discovers J30 which contains a [Great] resource of [Run Gunners], 2 units of Assassins & an Open Learning Center!)

    Celestia Enterprise scouts seek to uncover information about galactic sector J20 only to discover it was already claimed by a nearby stellar power! The Svaatyr had already quietly taken over the region as well as establishing a trade presence in the region. The region was certainly intriguing, with many copies of a single planet and species replicated across the sector by some unknown force four thousand years ago but since greatly diverged through different experiences and events. Celestian scouts download a copy of the Svaatyr’s observations from a public hall of records before heading back to their home system. (CLS “discovers” J20 which is already claimed by SVA! J20 contains a [Great] resource of [Unbreakable Twizzlers] of which TP 1 is owned by SVA!)

    Imperial ships from Ninurtine head out into the void seeking diplomatic contact with any nearby intelligent powers. The Empire’s scouts discover a star system in sector T20 that appears to quite advanced for a slowlight power and when the Ninurtines enter the system they are hailed first by the locals. Apparently this species had received the Simulacrum invitation from Guardian but refused to sacrifice power, a precious commodity it seems, on what could turn out to be some ancient wild goose chase. The industrious locals had concluded if there was anything to it they would eventually be contacted by some alien species who did listen and the Ninurtine’s arrival proves that point. Hopeful to conduct fair business with the Ninurtines the locals give the alien visitors a tour of their factories and examples of their most advanced tools. (NUT discovers T20 which contains a [Great] resource of [Multiforce Hammers], 2 units of Alien Countermeasures, & an Open Learning Center!)

    After a fateful accident, dozens of Niruntine vessels find themselves near what can only be described three giant space stations in the shape of hats. By all accounts it seems as though the HAT stations are home to many different species of aliens devoted to working the wide variety of leather products.Unfortunately the smell of tanning these galactic leathers can only be described as squawking awful. All those unaccustomed to the scent are sent into a state of shock so profound it’s been known to cause 12 varieties of insanity. In exchange for living within a malodorous environment, the HAT stations create the greats hats in Axiom.
    (NUT discovers U21 which contains a [Good] resource of [Onliest Hats], and a Learning Center dedicated to Haberdashery! GREAT SUCCESS! NUT has a Claim to U21 while Emporer Cherahiteth II is in charge.)

    Harmony explorers sent into galactic sector B24 quickly realize they have discovered an unusual region of space. Rather than being mostly empty void as most regions of space were B24 is flooded with great suspended globes of blood red liquid that float throughout the local star systems. Smaller than planets but far less dense than asteroids these curious phenomena appear highly volatile when exposed to any atmospheric gas unless stored at ludicrously cold temperatures. A few struggling pre-spaceflight civilizations exist in the sector though it seems their histories all contain evidence of these globules making contact with their planet’s atmosphere and burning the skies for decades when they do earning the red globes the nickname “Bloodfire” which absent a more appropriate name is adopted by the Harmony as well. Although still debating contact with the preflight civs the Harmony does elect to interfere with possible impacts of Bloodfire globules granting them an unparalleled authoritative presence in the region. (HMY discovers B24 which contains a [Great] resource of [Bloodfire] & an Open Learning Center! HMY gains a Claim to B24!)


    Information leaks about the following regions…

    (MYA discovers F12 which contains a [Minor] resource of [Pheromones], 0 Units & an Open Learning Center!)

    Spoiler: Failed Explorations

    NUT into T26

    Spoiler: Updated Map

    Round Six: Begin!
    Galactic Dates 2175010.0.0.81 - 217512.0.0.80
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Ninurtine Empire
    Round 6

    Spoiler: The Imperial Navy: Roster

    Ship Name Class Tonnage (approx) Launch Date Type Status Fleet Captain Notes
    HIMS Santino Santino 200000 217500 Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup A Captain Sennaderesh Flagship
    HIMS Frederico Santino 200000 217501 Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup A Captain Essacharach
    HIMS Hagen Santino 200000 217502 Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup A Captain Dashunul
    HIMS Constanzia Santino 190000 217502 Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup B Flagship
    HIMS Sterkelv Sterkelv 60000 217503 Destroyer Active Battlegroup B
    HIMS Forksby Sterkelv 60000 217503 Destroyer Active Battlegroup B
    HIMS Harick Sterkelv 62000 217503 Destroyer Active Battlegroup B
    HIMS Kronar Sterkelv 65000 217503 Destroyer Active Battlegroup B
    HIMS Lara Tenderskatter 40000 217504 Gunboat Active Battlegroup B
    HIMS Vholes Tulkinghorn 102000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup B
    HIMS Harker Tulkinghorn 101000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup B
    HIMS Oldbuck Tulkinghorn 102000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup B
    HIMS Clemenza Santino 206000 217504 Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup D Flagship
    HIMS Norvest Sterkelv 65000 217504 Destroyer Active Battlegroup D
    HIMS Vestlig Sterkelv 65000 217504 Destroyer Active Battlegroup D
    HIMS Cassius Sterkelv 64000 217504 Destroyer Active Battlegroup D
    HIMS Skyfather Sterkelv 64000 217504 Destroyer Active Battlegroup D
    HIMS Ivar Tenderskatter 41000 217504 Gunboat Active Battlegroup D
    HIMS Virender Tenderskatter 41000 217504 Gunboat Active Battlegroup D
    HIMS Morgan Tenderskatter 41000 217504 Gunboat Active Battlegroup D
    HIMS Maxwell Tenderskatter 40000 217504 Gunboat Active Battlegroup D
    HIMS Finch Tulkinghorn 100000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup D
    HIMS Rumpole Tulkinghorn 103000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup D
    HIMS Affront Affront 30000 217504 Torpedo Boat Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Outrage Affront 30000 217504 Torpedo Boat Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Pique Affront 30000 217504 Torpedo Boat Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Apoplexy Affront 30000 217504 Torpedo Boat Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Brickbat Affront 30000 217504 Torpedo Boat Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Vex Affront 30000 217504 Torpedo Boat Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Afridi Tenderskatter 40000 217504 Gunboat Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Tulkinghorn Tulkinghorn 100000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup E Flagship
    HIMS Brass Tulkinghorn 100000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Carton Tulkinghorn 101000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Jaggers Tulkinghorn 105000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Fogg Tulkinghorn 100000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Perker Tulkinghorn 99000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Genco Santino 210000 217503 Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup G Flagship
    HIMS Enga Sterkelv 62000 217504 Destroyer Active Battlegroup G
    HIMS Gnarl Sterkelv 61000 217504 Destroyer Active Battlegroup G
    HIMS Peryton Sterkelv 64000 217504 Destroyer Active Battlegroup G
    HIMS Awstin Sterkelv 65000 217504 Destroyer Active Battlegroup G
    HIMS Tenderskatter Tenderskatter 40000 217504 Gunboat Active Battlegroup G
    HIMS Gayle Tenderskatter 40000 217504 Gunboat Active Battlegroup G
    HIMS Wickfield Tulkinghorn 100000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup G
    HIMS Haphazard Tulkinghorn 105000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup G
    HIMS Inflexible Inflexible 225000 217506 Armoured Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup V Flagship
    HIMS Implacable Inflexible 225000 217506 Armoured Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup V
    HIMS Impervious Inflexible 226000 217506 Armoured Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup V
    HIMS Bjurnja Sterkelv 65000 217505 Destroyer Active Battlegroup V
    HIMS Stormstone Sterkelv 65000 217505 Destroyer Active Battlegroup V
    HIMS Benedict Sterkelv 60000 217505 Destroyer Active Battlegroup V
    HIMS Silvorge Sterkelv 60000 217505 Destroyer Active Battlegroup V
    HIMS Clawling Sterkelv 60000 217505 Destroyer Active Battlegroup V
    HIMS Inexorable Inflexible 226000 217506 Armoured Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup Z
    HIMS Intransigent Inflexible 225000 217506 Armoured Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup Z
    HIMS Cassius Sterkelv 65000 217505 Destroyer Active Battlegroup Z
    HIMS Minotron Sterkelv 62000 217505 Destroyer Active Battlegroup Z
    HIMS Hutz Tulkinghorn 102000 217505 Frigate Active Battlegroup Z
    HIMS Jermyn Tulkinghorn 102000 217505 Frigate Active Battlegroup Z
    HIMS MacIntyre Tulkinghorn 102000 217505 Frigate Active Battlegroup Z
    HIMS Penetrator Penetrator 50000 217500 Armed Diplomatic Active Contact A Commodore Sharugin
    HIMS Thruster Penetrator 49000 217504 Armed Diplomatic Active Contact A
    HIMS Anson Anson 250000 217496 Exploration Active Contact B Captain Biphethag Flagship
    HIMS Intrepid Intrepid 30000 217498 Exploration Active Contact B Commander Himashim
    HIMS Bold Intrepid 30000 217500 Exploration Active Contact B Captain Chanubun
    HIMS Dynamo Intrepid 30000 217500 Exploration Active Contact B Captain Medenon
    HIMS Moxy Intrepid 30000 217500 Exploration Active Contact B Commander Chanithashar
    TW-HV Tailwind 5000 217490 Cutter Active Contact B
    TW-AGD Tailwind 5000 217490 Cutter Active Contact B
    TW-AGE Tailwind 5000 217490 Cutter Active Contact B
    TW-AGV Tailwind 5000 217490 Cutter Active Contact B
    HIMS Fitzroy Anson 250000 217504 Exploration Active
    HIMS Cornucopia Cornucopia 300000 217499 Colony Ship Active Captain Amberechul
    HIMS Dash Intrepid 30000 217498 Exploration In Ordinary Commander Chasukar
    HIMS Audacious Intrepid 30000 217499 Exploration In Ordinary Commander Chadethech
    HIMS Spunk Intrepid 30000 217500 Exploration In Ordinary Commander Henechab
    HIMS Intercourse Penetrator 50000 217504 Armed Diplomatic Active Contact G Captain Bechadoluk
    SS-AA Skysail 5000 217504 Cutter Active
    SS-AB Skysail 5000 217504 Cutter Active
    SS-AG Skysail 5000 217504 Cutter Active
    SS-AD Skysail 5000 217504 Cutter Active
    SS-AE Skysail 5000 217504 Cutter Active
    TW-GAA Tailwind 5000 217504 Cutter Active
    TW-GAB Tailwind 5000 217504 Cutter Active
    TW-GAG Tailwind 5000 217504 Cutter Active
    TW-GAD Tailwind 5000 217504 Cutter Active
    TW-GAE Tailwind 5000 217504 Cutter Active
    TW-GAV Tailwind 5000 217504 Cutter Active
    TW-GAZ Tailwind 5000 217504 Cutter Active
    TW-GAT Tailwind 5000 217504 Cutter Active

    News and Rumours
    • Revolution on Zayin as the Empire pushes forward with the Duenem trade deal. A faction of union mechanics sabotage the air supply to the command deck, suffocating Station Chief Dulidder and many of his closest associates. Other prominent Dulidder loyalists, including the Deputy Station Chief, are hunted down below decks and murdered.
    • Bimachamon proclaims himself the new Station Chief.
    • The Council is divided on what course of action to take. Although the murder of a Council member is serious business, some members question whether for the Council to take action against Bimachamon would set an unacceptable precedent for Imperial interference in worldly affairs.
    • While the Council debates, others take matters into their own hands. The HIMS Penetrator sets off to negotiate with the rebels.
    • During negotiations, an unlicensed craft lands a small band of loyalists led by Chief Superintendent Himpahach at a docking bay. They quickly gather enough support to storm the command deck, where it is reported that Himpahach smashes Bimachamon's skull with a spanner. He is acclaimed and accepted as the new Station Chief.
    • Commodore Sharugin is court-martialled for taking the Penetrator to Zayin without orders, but is acquitted on grounds not released to the public.
    • Tolem of Nisu and Halish of Senna celebrate the birth of their fifteenth child.
    • More details have emerged of the incident with the Tabine, as they are leaked or released to the press. At a dinner held for Ninurtine diplomats, their Tabine hosts attacked them and kidnapped a number of dignitaries, mostly women, for breeding purposes. Outrage is universal. Even Governor Entebe, previously a resolute opponent of war, acknowledges that this is a clear casus belli and cannot be allowed to stand.
    • Not only is the Tabine incident a horrendous abuse of diplomatic etiquette, but if the Ninurtines were taken alive this would represent a major security threat. It has been Imperial policy since before the Simulacrum that Malakids cannot be permitted to be taken alive and this situation must be rectified as soon as feasibly possible.
    • Lord Admiral Anguradeshib is dispatched to the Tabine homeworlds with six battlegroups to bring them to account for their treachery. One battlegroup is retained in domestic space for security. This is the largest deployment in Imperial history, and the populace are invited to pray for the souls of their brave naval crews.


    [Diplomacy] Claim U21: 18: Great Success 1/1
    [Diplomacy] Establish a claim on Hammerspace (T20) through offer of a seat on the Council of State. 19: Success
    [Military] Invade region T24 with six units commanded by Lord Admiral Anguradeshib (6 units, M10 general, adjacent region)
    [Economy] Buy TP: Celenian Alloys - 11 (+2 Celenian support - 2 ZoI = 11: Failure
    [Economy] Buy V20 Mechanical Drones TP2: 14 - 1 ZoI = 13: Success


    Support buyouts of non-Imperial-owned TPs by the Republic of Celes

    Spoiler: Ruler Stats

    Diplomacy: 9
    Military: 6
    Economy: 5
    Philosophy: 3
    Intrigue: 2

    Next round: +1 Diplomacy, +1 Economy

    Spoiler: Ephemera

    Cultural Identity: Stabilising regions (temporary)
    Resources available: Entropic Pearls, Antispice
    Generals: Lord Admiral Anguradeshib (M10)
    Units: 7
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    Spoiler: Previous Avatars
    (by Strawberries)
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    Rothuun Minotaurs
    (Round 6: AR 2157- AR 2159)
    Urthuun Kzarna Harpooner

    [Military 10] Invent War Beasts (+1 to battle rolls, requires Fauna): Rothuun scientists have developed a new, more efficient method of training animals to become weapons of war. Although the technique was perfected on the Takhaun from Grishal, the techniques should work on any kind of animal and are offered to be traded to other nations.
    [Economy] Buyout Q13.1 for Diluted Dark Energy (14): The energy crisis on Taurina I presses on, as machines break down in the streets from lack of fuel. In desperation, a fleet is dispatched to the far north to seize control of the mysterious Diluted Dark Energy.
    [Diplomacy] Attend the Gala Event:
    Spoiler: Subactions
    Trade War Beasts to KRO
    Trade War Beasts to MYA

    [Diplomacy] Stabilize P18 (13): Zurtak Icehardened, the newly appointed governor of Baryshev, proves to be much more effective than his predecessor. His agents burn a bloody reign of terror across the planet, executing thousands of the Ogatvezhiy who may have rebel sympathies. Meanwhile, he organizes the loyalist bear-men to form a new government, harnessing their greed in an effort to subdue the population of the region.
    [Philosophy] Change state religion to Church of Iteus: In accordance with the Nephret Pact, the official religion of the Rothuun is changed from the now mostly extinct Cult of Blood to the Church of Iteus. Although the bloody gladiator matches in the Smashbone Arena will continue, they are now viewed as a testament to the combatants' ascendance, rather than a gospel of gore and death.

    Support conversions by ITS, resist all others
    Support buyouts by ITS and SYN, resist all others
    Use Favor with the Eradicators to request 2 units, arriving at the start of Round 7
    Attend the Council event

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    Spoiler: People of Interest
    Kzarna Harpooner Urthuun of the Rothuun Minotaurs, Queen of Phakhtal and Ikhal
    Aneb Two-Gun King of Thurtal, son of Thrikar Fleshgorger
    Zurtak Icehardened Regional Governor of Baryshev, consort of the Urthuun
    Virtash Splitskull Significant government figure, brother of Posekh Flatfoot
    Grazakh Peelskin King of Grishal
    Bephik Axemaker High Priest of Iteus
    Thrikar Fleshgorer Former Urthuun, deceased father of Aneb Two-Gun
    Posekh Flatfoot Former King of Thurtal, deceased brother of Virtash Splitskull

    Spoiler: Technologies

    Enhanced Microplating
    War Beasts
    Trade League

    Spoiler: Bookeeping and Ruler Info
    Units: 2

    Resources Controlled: Takhaun (Q19.1), Miracle Machines (P22.3), Diluted Dark Energy (Q13.1)

    Urthuun Kzarna Harpooner

    Diplomacy: 4 [+1]
    Military: 10
    Economy: 7
    Philosophy: 2
    Intrigue: 1
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    Rundhrul of the Ofgryl Cluster

    1. [Phi]Officially adopt OwO as part of the Melfynian ways
    2. [Int]Coordinate the efforts between all contributors to subduing the Serpent (5/5)
      *Note: Choosing not to complete project yet
    3. [Int]Explore G13
    4. [Int]Secret [Redacted]
    5. [Int]Secret [Redacted]


    Spoiler: News and Rumours

    • The attempt to try and cause a schism between the Sisterhood and their allies seemed to be a great play and the Melfynians are proud that their supporting the organization with their mission was able to get them involved in this most recent event. At least they have done something right. Nonetheless the Melfynians have declared they will look into who accused them as well because that's just bad for business.
    • With no further clues, the Melfynians have revealed they will have a big announcement soon. What that announcement means remains to be seen as they have decided to remain tight lipped in fear of giving any further hints.
    • Like everyone else, in reaction to the truth of the Same the Melfynians have begun to make their plans. They have announced that they will build a base of their own at H14 based on the insights they have gained from assisting the Geleans with theirs; as soon as practicable in order to take charge of their own security at their quadrant of the core. "Our interests have always been making sure we will stay safe from whatever dangers the Sisters have intimated were present in the core and now more than ever, we are convinced we must make this a goal for ourselves."
    • As excited as they are to finally be rid of the scourge of the Serpent, the Melfynians have decided to prioritize caution and have instead decided to take it slow despite the unexpected support from the Kombuch and UPT which they are grateful for.

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats (in the following order)
    Diplomacy 6
    Military 6
    Economy 1
    Philosophy 5
    Intrigue 8

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Expected Stat Bonuses
    Int +2
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Syndrome

    Region R22: Crab Nebula
    Region S19: Stormwrack
    Region S21: Heart-Beacons
    Region S23: Alitur
    Overlady Yellow-Coat-Stripes

    Actions Rolls More Rolls

    [Diplomacy] Press Claim on T18
    Albeit with distaste, the Syndrome enlist Green-Yellow-Spots, an insurrectionist Syndrome hacker, along with infowar specialists from Alitur to further their subversive hacking campaign in the sector controlled by Hannibal

    [Diplomacy] Create Claim on U19
    Target change GM-approved
    The Syndrome reach out to the Housers in U19, warning them about the aggressive expansion of the Ninurtines into nearby space.

    [Economy] Buyout Q23 TP 2 for Knowledge Parasites from ITS
    +2 Roaming Star project bonus
    Leveraging their influence with the Cosmic Couriers, the Syndrome make an attempt to gather Itean religious paraphernalia for their own use as members of the church.

    [Economy] Buyout S19 TP 2 for 4D Titanium from Open
    +2 Roaming Star project bonus
    Although the Syndrome have little interest in metals, the Aliturans and the Krankot are always hungry for more. With aid from the Couriers, granted due to the Syndrome aid in the Roaming Star series, they begin to construct additional mining outposts in portions of the Stormwrack further into the storm.

    [Intrigue] Secret Action
    I know this one! It's-
    Nothing to see here citizens. Move along.


    Support Conversions of all owned LCs to the Church of Iteus.
    Support buyouts by RMT and ITS against open TPs in Syndrome territory.
    Resist everything else.

    Spoiler: N&R
    The arrival of the Biotumblers in Syndrome Space sparks worry at first, but discussions of genetic engineering quell the unease. Cooperation between Strainladies and Biotumblers leads new breakthroughs in genetics and anti-machine sentiment is at an all-time low.
    On the other hand, news of the Same inhabiting the galactic core strikes new worries. Anti-machine radicals target Duenem diplomats and scientists in the Stormwrack and the visiting Biotumblers in orbit around Heart-Life-Nest.
    The Stormwrack has become a gathering place for outcasts of all stripes among the Syndrome protectorates, especially those Syndrome who dabbled in illegal inorganic tech.

    Spoiler: Tales from the Front
    Recovered Log, partially decrypted.
    [REDACTED]'s log, entry #18

    Spoiler: National Info

    Spoiler: Units 6/8

    Battle-Pod Rapant-Growth
    Symbiote Carrier Carcass-Mold
    Symbiote Carrier Creeping-Vine
    Scout Vessel Fertile-Seed
    Scout Vessel Hungry-Maw
    Battle-Pod Heart-Guard
    Symbiote Carrier Thorn-Coral
    Ravager Rending-Claw
    Ravager Necrotic-Sting
    Battle-Pod Devouring-Shadow
    Stealth Ravager Dark-Meteor
    Stealth Ravager Ice-Claws
    Stealth Ravager Young-Hunter
    Stealth Ravager Silent-Eye
    Stealth Ravager Hidden-Pit
    Battle-Pod Reaching-Arm
    Ravager Twin-Strike
    Stealth Ravager Moon-Shadow
    Scout Vessel Light-Eyes
    Scout Vessel Gliding-Seed
    Scout Vessel Ice-Seeker
    Scout Vessel Eye-Guard
    Scout Vessel Reaching-Heart
    Mech Squadron Prime
    Mech Captain Arxur
    Mech Knight Tetivare
    Mech Knight Garahat
    Mech Knight Garein
    Mech Knight Kei
    Mech Knight Tor
    Mech Knight Akovare
    Mech Knight Lankalot
    Mech Knight Mortret
    Mech Knight Akravein
    Mech Knight Kator
    Mech Knight Karatok
    Mech Knight Takonet
    Mech Knight Arek
    Mech Knight Garex
    Mech Knight Lanorak
    Mech Knight Lukan
    Mech Knight Morhot
    Mech Knight Urein
    Alitur Colonial Defense
    Command Ship Glorious Dawn
    Prison Vessel Grim Destiny
    Missile Cruiser Resolute Flame
    Missile Cruiser Astral Lance
    Hospital Ship Charitable Arms
    Corvette Silent Mercy
    Corvette Fallen Void

    Genetic Engineers (S21.1)
    Antispice (T22.1)
    Biotumblers (V22.1)

    R22 (Owned)
    S19 (Owned)
    S21 (Owned)
    S23 (Owned)
    T18 (Fabricated)
    T22 (Prior Ownership)

    The Maiden's Code (secret actions)

    Misc. Bonuses:
    +1 to investigations (SoS 1)
    ZoI reduced by one in and adjacent CmC relays for buyouts (CmC 1)

    Spoiler: Ruler Info
    Overlady Yellow-Coat-Stripes
    Diplomacy: 9+1
    Military: 3
    Economy: 4
    Philosophy: 1
    Intrigue: 6
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