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A Monster for Every Season: Spring

The Order of the Stick presents A Monster for Every Season: Spring

A Monster for Every Season is our set of print-and-play fantasy gaming miniatures, divided up into four loosely-seasonal installments. Each set contains a wide selection of seasonally-themed monsters and adventurers drawn in The Order of the Stick style for you to print, cut, fold, tape a penny to, and then unleash on your unsuspecting fellow gamers the next time you sit down to play. Features include:

  • Creatures are in-scale with each other and most metal or plastic gaming miniatures, from diminutive to colossal.
  • Vector artwork PDF prints well at any magnification, in case you need a giant orc or a tiny treant for some reason.
  • Every figure comes in both full-color and toner-friendly black-only line art versions. Color them to suit your needs!
  • Mounts can be folded to allow smaller creatures to ride them during an encounter, while familiars can fit inside their master's figure.
  • Each set is filled with hard-to-find monsters from the overlooked (Pack Mule, Orc Civilian, Toad) to the obscure (Dire Sloth, Warforged Druid, Yellow Musk Creeper).
  • Humanoids include multiple versions for maximum encounter variety, such as grunts, archers, chieftains, spellcasters, and more.
  • A great value with over 300 figures per set—or just $0.02 per miniature (not counting the penny you tape to the bottom to make them stand up).

The first set, Spring, contains monsters from the following categories:

  • Animals (82 figures)
  • Centaurs (5 figures)
  • Dragons (11 figures)
  • Druids (28 figures)
  • Fey (31 figures)
  • Gnolls (13 figures)
  • Goblins (30 figures)
  • Monsters (9 figures)
  • Mounts (21 figures)
  • Orcs (28 figures)
  • Plants (22 figures)
  • Rangers (39 figures)
  • Trolls (13 figures)

For a complete list of all the monsters included by name, you can download the full Contents List for free.

Future sets will become available every few months, adding to a comprehensive set of gaming miniatures that will be ready for anything your tabletop can throw at them.

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