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A Monster for Every Season: Summer

The Order of the Stick presents A Monster for Every Season: Summer

A Monster for Every Season is our set of print-and-play fantasy gaming miniatures, divided up into four loosely-seasonal installments. Each set contains a wide selection of seasonally-themed monsters and adventurers drawn in The Order of the Stick style for you to print, cut, fold, tape a penny to, and then unleash on your unsuspecting fellow gamers the next time you sit down to play. Features include:

  • Creatures are in-scale with each other and most metal or plastic gaming miniatures, from diminutive to colossal.
  • Vector artwork PDF prints well at any magnification, in case you need a giant orc or a tiny treant for some reason.
  • Every figure comes in both full-color and toner-friendly black-only line art versions. Color them to suit your needs!
  • Mounts can be folded to allow smaller creatures to ride them during an encounter, while familiars can fit inside their master's figure.
  • Each set is filled with hard-to-find monsters from the overlooked (Dolphin, Kobold Miner, Gargantuan Monstrous Crab) to the obscure (Hiercosphinx, Ixitxachitl, Ooze Para-Elemental).
  • Humanoids include multiple versions for maximum encounter variety, such as grunts, archers, chieftains, spellcasters, and more.
  • A great value with over 300 figures per set—or just $0.02 per miniature (not counting the penny you tape to the bottom to make them stand up).

The second set, Summer, contains monsters from the following categories:

  • Dragons (20 figures)
  • Fighters (38 figures)
  • Fire (34 figures)
  • Genies (6 figures)
  • Kobolds (31 figures)
  • Lizardfolk (39 figures)
  • Marine Animals (35 figures)
  • Oceanfolk (38 figures)
  • Ogres (12 figures)
  • Pyramid Guardians (26 figures)
  • Sahuagin (11 figures)
  • Sea Monsters (36 figures)
  • Water (23 figures)
  • Wizards (42 figures)

For a complete list of all the monsters included by name, you can download the full Contents List for free.

You can also get our first set, Spring. Future sets will become available every few months, adding to a comprehensive set of gaming miniatures that will be ready for anything your tabletop can throw at them.

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