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The Order of the Stick: Utterly Dwarfed

The Order of the Stick, Volume 6: Utterly Dwarfed

Here comes the sixth volume of The Order of the Stick, the fantasy-comedy webcomic that everyone agrees gets longer with each book released! In Utterly Dwarfed, the Order is on their way north to save the world in style, thanks to their new friends on a cool pirate airship. Little do they suspect that while they deal with monsters and the usual plot stuff, one of their own is facing a battle inside their own mind! (It's Durkon, obviously.) And when the gods themselves start taking a closer interest in Roy's band of misfit heroes, this action-packed adventure ends up having repercussions so big, we couldn't fit them on the page! With almost five years of comics, this mammoth collection is our longest book yet (not counting the previous one). Here's what you'll find inside:

  • All of the comics from #947 to, uh, the end of this story arc!
  • More than 10 all-new bonus comics here and there throughout the adventure!
  • A recap of events to-date by "Durkon Thundershield." (wink, wink!)
  • Foreword by Haley Starshine!
  • A never-before-seen map of the Northern Continent!
  • Nine or so pages of navel-gazing author commentary!
  • A new moderately improved art style that makes some things look better and others worse!
  • Probably some other stuff!

It's the biggest adventure ever to take place largely inside a dwarven cleric's subconscious! We think. We didn't exactly do any research on that claim. Anyway, order today on print or digital!

Title: The Order of the Stick: Utterly Dwarfed
Volume: 6
Author and Illustrator: Rich Burlew
Format: 352 pages, full color
Dimensions: 8" x 10"
First printing: December 2019
Current printing: 1st (December 2019)
Code: GIPOTS06
Price: $35.95 (paper), $19.00 (PDF)
Direct Availability: Pre-order only; paper copy from Ookoodook (Release date: Early December 2019)
Digital Availability: Pre-order only; digital PDF from Gumroad (Release date: December 9, 2019)
Wholesale: Will be available through all major distributors to the hobby game market. For additional wholesale information, contact Impressions Game Distribution Services.

Ookoodook.com: Direct retailer for the Order of the Stick
Gumroad: Exclusive source for Order of the Stick digital PDF products