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This spell is an alternate version of Meteor Swarm. instead of Fireball this spell uses Lightning Bolt. It This spell projects four a 240-ft lines of lightning from your fingertips that deals 24d6 lightning damage(reflex half). You may elect to add up to 720ft in total of lines branching off any lines generated by this spell. Each branching reduces the damage dealt by 6d6. after the first line, other lines may be projected from anywhere on the lines length, and others from them, etc. each line deals 6d6 points of electricity damage (reflex half). you may elect to aim at a specific creature, in which case you roll a ranged touch attack. if you hit, they take 2d6 points of peircing damage and aren't allowed to save against the bolt. if a lightning bolt is branched from that point, then the electricity damage becomes 12d6, with DR and spell resistance applying once.
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