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    Quote Originally Posted by Coidzor View Post
    Makes English class really awkward, I'll tell you that much. "Lady The Scottish Play's descent into powerless madness parallels The Scottish Play's own hardening callousness...."
    They are simply "the Thane" and "the Lady". Of course, it's allowable to say the names for rehearsals and performances.

    From a literary standpoint, however, I wouldn't call it a parallel so much as a dramatic reversal. The Lady goes from callously pursuing her ambition for her husband to going mad with the guilt, while the Thane goes from being hesitant, and not really wanting to kill the king, to ruthlessly murdering anyone who gets in his way. It's not a parallel, it's a head-on collision!

    Yep. Curses to literary analysis in three seconds flat.
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    BY THE HEAVENS! Dimonite! You are even more awesome than I thought!
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    That was awesome, made me smile.
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