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The idea of the main hero needing to be saved by the supporting cast could be cool, but the execution in this arc is if anything even worse than normal.
In all seriousness, it may be a combination of the format this story is being told in, as well as the pacing thats the problem. I have read a number of stories that turned out like this. The big damn hero is captured, and suddenly it seems like everyone he ever helped or knew all link up in a grand battle to save him. Its just rarely done in comic form with one tiny bit a day, which makes it all drag on for longer than its taking in universe. Think about it. Its what happens when we go from an archive binge as a new reader, and start reading it one update a day. It goes from a passable comic, to a horror show, because the speed at which we get to enjoy the next comic is greatly reduced.

Ugh, I am probably not explaining myself very well, but I hope you get the gist of what im talking about. Basically, it seems worse because each update only covers a small amount of action, which makes the entire arc draw out way longer and ruins the pacing even more. Imagine if you had to wait a day every time you finished a page of a book to read what happens next. I bet that would drive you insane in short order.