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The cape isn't tattered?
You know, i was 100% sure i could refute this somehow, but all the scenes where the cape looks completely intact don't show it fully . Still, that's a legimate oversight, not the change i made , so the game is still on (though i don't really have a prize).

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Patchy's face is really a lot better than your previous attempts. But the utsuhomech, now that's badass. There's clearly improvement in your face sculpting, but if you're looking for a faster and easier way, maybe you should give your figurines masks and helmets ?
Yeah, Patchy turned out surprisingly well considering that the scraps had been laying about for 2 weeks (sort-of sealed, but still). Another mistake i made with Suwako was having too much white in the eyes, Patchy is closer to the ideal for Touhou.

With the mech i like how the torso worked out, but it doesn't really feel like mecha-Utsuho to me, looks sorta generic besides the obvious Control Rod/Heavy Foot/Chest Eye elements. I need a less cumbersome looking design for the Rod at least.
The wings are purposefully a bit simplistic as sketches can't do long thin elements all that well.
A more elaborate design is in order when a permanent figurine is to be made. I'm also considering making the final design modular, using wire pins to put it together. Could allow me to customize & repose it even after it's finished, though Project Mech-O9 remains on the backburner for now.

Since i signed up for that challenge-thingamajig, i'll be posting more sketches now on. This coincides nicely with Fallout:New Vegas, so chances are quite a few of those will be power armour of varying levels of junk-tech, with oh-so convenient helmets and gasmasks .

BTW Fri, when do we get to see your figurines?