You know, the short legs comment brought up an interesting quirk of the medium: how does one represent misshapen or unnatural creatures without appearing lazy or unskilled? The medium of sculpting doesn't easily lend itself to high-detail, at least not to the levels drawing does.

So unless obvious from the context (ie. Cthulhuan monstrosity or a sleek, futuristic vehicle) it can be a bit hard to tell whether a particular bump is a mistake or a purposeful 'special effect'. For example, the demon has purposefully short legs to project an 'Immovable Object' image.
Similarly, this:

Not entered as a CHALLENGE entry due to being made before signing up.

has a purposefully blank 'face' to emphasize otherwordlyness.
Incidentally also the debut of the 'Comparison Cube', a set of three 25mm square bases glued together. It will serve as the size reference henceforth.
Thank you for your comments .