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Thread: [3.5, feat] Whalepocalypse from the Sky

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    Earthscorn Summoning
    As you finish chanting your spell, nothing happens...except a steadily growing shadow above your opponent.
    Prerequisites: Caster level 9th
    Benefit: Whenever you cast a Conjuration spell that creates an object or a creature, you may designate it to appear anywhere within range, as long as you have line of effect to that location.
    If the spell's effect would deal fall damage to another creature, that creature is entitled to a Reflex save (calculated as normal for the original spell) in order to take only half damage. Each size category by which the spell's effect exceeds the creature's size adds 1 to the DC.
    On a successful Reflex save, the creature is shifted to the nearest available free space. On a failed save, the falling creature or object automatically initiates a grapple (inanimate objects get their size bonus to the grapple, and may only attempt to pin).
    Normal: Conjuration spells may only summon creatures or objects on surfaces that are capable of supporting them.
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