Chapter 45
A Showdown with Joe Chill


No messing around. We take this man out...Or go down trying.

But before we begin...Let's say, hypothetically, we picked another option. If we picked to offer him our power, we'd get a cruelty check, as he demands we let him use our power to kill our dad, if we're *really* willing to do whatever he says. We're not that sort of person -- we're not a monster. So it would take us back to the question of the duel.
And if we refused?

...Well, it wouldn't work out well for us.

So we really never had a choice, except in whether we even had a chance to live.

But Elodie won't back down today.

I'm guessing this also cleans the resonance of the loser or something, or perhaps the rules do that for us.

And then it is time to begin.
And then tension music happens.

The screen shakes and flashes. We're past our first hurde...

Ultimately, he's provably the better straight-up wielder of spells...

He's used to dealing with magical attacks, but he might not be expecting a physical one.
Perhaps if you rushed him, you could take him off guard? Up close, he couldn't use his fancy spells. But what would you do then?

Are you sure? I mean, who's making us fight fair, here?
Still, a magical physical attack...

Or maybe if you could distract him somehow, you could cast a spell he couldn't block?
Lucky, we know about all sorts of magical attacks. We've studied.

But what do we use to finish this supervillain? Will this work?

All our choices have led to this moment...We all know what will happen next...But let's hear it!